How To Import Deliveries

In your admin dashboard, click on the Jobs tab.

Next click on the date on the calendar and then under the Deliveries tab, click the Import Deliveries button.

Import button lets you add on the deliveries from your CSV or Excel (.xlsx) file to the deliveries that are already added for the day.

Delete All and Import button lets you delete all existing deliveries for the day before importing the new deliveries from your CSV or Excel (.xlsx) file.

There is no fixed order for the column headings in the CSV or Excel (.xlsx) file; the columns can be re-positioned freely i.e. Address field can be the first column or the second or last column as long as the first row reflects the Address header correctly

The first row must be a header row specifying which field the column represents.
The mandatory fields corresponding to Date, D.O. No. and Address must all be present.

The available fields are:

  • D.O. No. (required field)
  • Date (required field)
  • Deliver to
  • Address (required field)
  • Delivery time
  • Tracking No.
  • Phone No.
  • Notify email
  • Webhook URL
  • Instructions
  • Assign to
  • Zone
  • SKU (optional, only required for items)
  • Item Description (optional, only required for items)
  • Quantity (optional, only required for items)

Specify Notify Email only if you wish to send a delivery update to the external (customer-facing) email address.

The Assign To field must match your vehicle’s Name / Vehicle no. field exactly so that our system can assign the deliveries to the correct vehicle.

SKU, Item Description and Quantity are only required if you are providing item details for the delivery. To specify more than one item, simply repeat the row with the same D.O. No. with different SKU, Item Description and Quantity.

The headers (first row) must be spelled exactly as above for our system to be able to match the respective fields. (Case sensitive)

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