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At Detrack, we’re a dedicated team that loves doing what we do — working to push the boundaries of delivery management software every single day.

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When we created Detrack in 2013, we had a shared vision of bringing world-class delivery management features, previously reserved only for large enterprises, to any business, anywhere in the world with just a smartphone. Within one year, we helped businesses in 20 countries complete 1 million jobs. 9 years later, we continue to deliver with more than 83 million jobs completed, a larger team, and customers in 50+ countries using Detrack to improve deliveries and delight their customers. At Detrack, we’re all about family – and we’d love for you to join ours. 

Dason, Fanny, and Daniel

Here’s what we’re about…

Detrack is born out of a simple philosophy; reliability can be affordable with the smart use of technology.

Recognizing the value and importance for businesses to be in control of their deliveries at all times, we created a mobile app-based vehicle tracking and proof of delivery system that lets you remain in control of your fleet even when they are out on the roads with just the use of smartphones.

Everything about Detrack is designed for smooth user experience and increased productivity in delivery management without incurring extra time, effort and labor. It can be seamlessly incorporated into existing systems and processes, is easy to use, reliable, automated and most importantly, affordable.

With these principles in mind, our team created a revolutionary solution which did away with traditional retrofitted tracking devices, complex legacy backend systems, long implementation time and bulky barcode scanners. 

At Detrack, we believe in the people behind the logistics operations. That is why we never stop listening to our customers as we continue to perfect our system.

Our history

Take a look at our journey from small business to industry leader.

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2022 is a year of major upgrades for Detrack. We’ve doubled our headcount and given our website a facelift to make it easier for customers to navigate. More importantly, we have also set up a round-the-clock live support team with an all-new live chat system so that our customers can get answers to their queries quickly. In just this one year, more than 100 million jobs have been completed using our system with billions of miles being tracked across all continents.
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Following 2020, our team was focused on providing the highest quality of service to our customers, and helping the world bounce back from the challenges of 2020. For the second year running, we prioritized giving back to the community as we participated in project R.I.C.E.+ and raised awareness of food insecurity. Just in time for Christmas, our dashboard got a sleek new look and began planning our new website.
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The Covid-19 pandemic pushed the limits of our engineering team as we rush to develop and release safety features such as Contactless Delivery in the shortest possible time. Our priority is to keep drivers safe while they deliver essential goods during these challenging times. In the same period, we doubled our engineering and support team to cope with the growing demand.
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Following a spectacular year in 2018, we rode on the wave and launched ElasticRoute, a revolutionary route planning and optimization solution, on March 27 at IoT Asia (Singapore). By the end of 2019, users have planned more than 1 million stops using ElasticRoute and at the same time, we have surpassed 30 million completed jobs on our Detrack platform.
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2018 is the pivotal year with more amazing talent joining the engineering team to take on the challenge of creating a new last mile experience for a mobile-first economy. 2018 is also celebrated with the number of completed jobs crossing the 20 million mark and the launch of two new mobile apps – Detrack Manager and Detrack Scanner available for both iOS and Android.
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A remarkable year of achievements including surpassing the 10 millionth job completed on the Detrack platform, participating in 5 overseas trade shows, deploying our own geocoding servers, and launching one of our most popular features – Tap To Track. This year also seeded the idea for George – our first A.I. feature.
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This year marks the milestone of Detrack becoming an official trademark. At this point of our journey, Detrack has left its footprints on the world map with our users coming from more than 40 countries. Supporting our global user base, the Detrack app has been translated into 19 localized languages (available on Google Play).
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In just over a year of launching Detrack (April 2014 – June 2015), we have tracked more than 64 million vehicle locations and completed more than 1 million jobs for businesses in more than 20 countries. Detrack also bagged two awards; Emerging Enterprise Award 2015 (Finalist) and Promising SME 500 Award 2016.
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After months of development, Detrack is finally global-ready in January 2014 with the beta version of our web and mobile apps; our Detrack Android and iOS apps are available for download on both Google Play and App Store. Detrack eventually went live in April 2014 and started the paid version of our service.
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Detrack Systems Pte. Ltd. is founded by three enterprising individuals who believe that logistics operations can be cheaper, better and faster. With these core principles in mind, the concept of Detrack, a revolutionary vehicle tracking and proof of delivery system with just the use of smartphones, was born in May 2013.

Our People

Our customers are extremely important to us, but we wouldn’t be anywhere without our fantastic team.

This dedicated bunch helps to make Detrack everything it is, and supports you across 40 different time zones.

Kristin Harris General Manager of Detrack


General Manager

Daniel CTO


CTO & Co-Founder

Darryl - Product Manager


Product Manager

Terence Business Development Manager


Solutions Engineer

Jenny Support Lead


Support Lead

Ahmed Raza Customer Success Manager


Customer Success Manager

Natalie Sales Manager Americas


Sales Manager Americas


Sales Manager Australia

Nicole Sales Development


Business Development Manager EMEA



Sales Development Representative EMEA

Indah Onboarding Specialist


Sales Development Representative Americas



Sales Development Representative APAC

Charles Systems Support Engineer


Systems Support Engineer

Peter Yu-Detrack


Growth Marketer



PPC Specialist

Gabrielline Creative Designer


Creative Designer

Rachelle Content Specialist


Content Specialist

Atif Khan-Detrack


Software Development Manager

Johnny Engineering Lead


Engineering Lead

Alex Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

Hilary Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Chien Lee Software Engineer

Chien Lee

Software Engineer

Luke - Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Clement - Mobile Application Senior Engineer


Mobile Application Senior Engineer

Kay Zin

Mobile Application Engineer (iOS)



UX Designer

Jaslyn Detrack Intern


UX Designer - Intern

SI Hui Administrative Executive

Si Hui

Administrative Executive

Riza Onboarding Specialist


Detrack Specialist

Randy Onboarding Specialist


Detrack Specialist

Anggi Onboarding Specialist


Detrack Specialist

Adiyatma Onboarding Specialist


Detrack Specialist

Eliminate Paperwork with E-POD
Capture signatures easily by signing on your IOS/Android phone. Save time, prevent disputes, and reduce your company’s carbon footprint with real-time Electronic proof of delivery. Rid yourself of paper delivery orders with an automated E-POD from the moment a job is completed.
Send Real-Time Customer Notifications
Keep your customers in the loop with real-time notifications sent via email or SMS. Automatically let them know when their package is pre-delivery, en route, or has arrived (and more). You’ll give better customer service and reduce those endless enquiries.
Bring your Brand to Life with Customizable E-PODs
Differentiate your brand and make it your own by customizing your E-POD. Place your company logo in the proof of delivery PDF file that is automatically sent to customers once a delivery is completed. Increase your brand exposure when customers sign for their deliveries.
Gain Valuable Insights with Customer Feedback
Record customer feedback easily upon collection or delivery. With the review option, you can learn how your customers feel about your product and service, and act accordingly. These reviews will be submitted together with the captured POD back to the Detrack dashboard in real time.
Stay in Control With Admin Visibility
Get notified whenever there are failed or partially completed deliveries with live updates on the admin color-coded dashboard screen, easily monitor driver performance and the statuses for the day’s deliveries. Stay on top of every job and resolve delivery issues swiftly before they turn into major problems.
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