Delivery Route Planning and Optimization with Detrack

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Delivery Route Planning and Optimization with Detrack

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Effective route optimization is crucial for any company that relies on a delivery fleet. With effective route planning software, businesses can reduce fuel consumption and operating costs and increase the number of deliveries per day, improving customer satisfaction and overall profitability. It’s a win-win situation that every company should consider.

By simply adding Detrack Route Planning into your workflow, you can reduce the following:


Vehicles Needed


Driving Time



Benefits of Adding Detrack Routing

Route optimization

Detrack specializes in optimizing efficient route planning to improve efficiency and reduce transportation costs. By optimizing routes, businesses can minimize the distance traveled, save time, and lower fuel consumption, increasing productivity and cost savings.

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Increase ETA accuracy for exceptional customer service

Easily keep your customers informed with an accurate estimated time of arrival (ETAs) using route planning by Detrack. With automatic notifications triggered by key events during the delivery process, such as departure, arrival, or delays, you can provide better customer service and reduce the number of inquiries.

Generate 100s of routes in mere seconds

Keep your customers in the loop with accurate ETAs. With automatic notifications triggered by certain events en route, you’ll give better customer service, reduce those endless enquiries, and management becomes a breeze.

Stay ahead of disasters with predictive analytics

Detrack uses predictive analytics to anticipate potential delays or problems and proactively adjust routes or schedules to avoid them. This can help ensure that deliveries are made on time, which can be a key factor in impressing customers.

Customize your routes

Detrack Routing optimizes your delivery routes to maximize efficiency, but if you need to make changes, you can do so manually. These adjustments will be automatically updated on the driver’s app dashboard, ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date information about the route.

Reduce operational costs

Detrack is a great delivery route planning software for businesses looking to save money on delivery costs. By optimizing delivery routes using clever algorithms, it can reduce the distance, time, and fuel consumption required for deliveries. This means more efficient use of vehicles and drivers, which can help businesses save money on transportation costs.

Scale with your needs

Detrack Routing can grow and adapt to the changing needs of your business.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small fleet of vehicles or a large enterprise with many drivers, Detrack can be customized to fit your unique delivery optimization needs. With its cloud-based architecture, Detrack can handle a large volume of data and optimize complex delivery routes in real-time.

Additionally, its intuitive interface makes it easy to add or remove vehicles and drivers from your fleet, as well as adjust delivery routes as needed. This is the perfect delivery route optimization software to help your business streamline delivery operations, no matter how big or small your company may be.

Why businesses love Detrack

5-Star Reviews

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Detrack provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to track deliveries, which in turn increases our client satisfaction. Would definitely recommend this product to others.

Muhammad Abdullah
E-Commerce Manager
Marley Spoon | USA

5 star rating
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Very satisfied with the software and level of support. Allows me to schedule customer pickup requests and for my contractor to then schedule these with their drivers.

David Bush
General Manager
Battery Rescue | AU

5 star rating
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Any issues I’ve put across are all marvelously and swiftly resolved! This gives my company a competitive edge in the market.

Mei Lin Ker
Manager - Operations Excellence
Kerry Logistics | SG

5 star rating

4.8/5 Rating

4.9/5 Rating

4.9/5 Rating

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What is Route Planning?

Route planning is the process of determining the most efficient and cost-effective routes for vehicles to take when making deliveries or service calls. It involves analyzing factors such as distance, traffic conditions, delivery schedules, and vehicle capacities to optimize route efficiency.

How Does Detrack's Route Planning Solution Work?

Detrack’s route planning solution utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze delivery data and generate optimized routes for vehicles based on various factors such as delivery locations, time windows, vehicle capacities, and traffic conditions. It helps businesses streamline their delivery operations and minimize time and fuel consumption.

What are the Benefits of Using Route Planning Software?

The benefits of using route planning software include reduced fuel and maintenance costs, improved on-time delivery rates, increased driver productivity, minimized mileage and vehicle wear and tear, enhanced customer satisfaction, and overall optimization of delivery operations for maximum efficiency.

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