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In the intricate world of the construction industry, the seamless delivery of materials and supplies is paramount, necessitating effective tracking from production sites to construction sites. Detrack simplifies the management of your materials supply chain and operations through a comprehensive suite of tools, guaranteeing the efficient and precise delivery of materials and supplies, tailored to your company's size and specialization.

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Boost Your Profitability Through Enhanced Construction Material Tracking

Effortlessly optimize your construction materials tracking operations with Detrack’s all-encompassing feature set. Our platform is designed to empower a wide range of construction companies, including wholesalers, distributors, retailers, merchants, web traders, and manufacturers, allowing you to efficiently track materials from the warehouse to the construction site.

Overcome Challenges in Construction Material Delivery with Detrack

Detrack’s driver tracking feature revolutionizes delivery operations within the construction industry. Offering real-time tracking of delivery drivers, it enables construction operations to enhance delivery accuracy and optimize their processes, a critical factor for timely project completion.

This feature empowers construction companies to proactively detect potential delays, allowing for quick adjustments in delivery routes and schedules to circumvent traffic congestion and other obstacles, ensuring punctual deliveries.

Detrack’s driver tracking feature equips businesses with a potent tool for real-time monitoring of their delivery operations, enabling data-driven decisions that enhance delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Construction material delivery tracking software offers numerous advantages to customers, foremost among them being access to real-time updates concerning the status and precise location of their deliveries. This invaluable feature empowers customers to better manage their day and minimize wait times through the provision of reliable delivery information.

Furthermore, the implementation of delivery tracking significantly diminishes the risk of missed or delayed deliveries, thereby enhancing the overall convenience and satisfaction of the delivery experience provided by your construction material delivery business.

In the realm of construction material delivery, effective route optimization stands as a critical factor for meeting stringent deadlines, controlling costs, and delivering top-notch customer service.

When you choose Detrack as your delivery management software, you gain the ability to optimize your delivery routes. This improved route planning not only translates into reduced delivery times and lower fuel expenses but also drives overall productivity to new heights.

With Detrack at your disposal, construction material delivery businesses can readily make real-time adjustments while on the move, ensuring punctuality and accuracy of deliveries. This proactive approach not only enhances the customer experience but also plays a pivotal role in fostering robust customer relationships.

Construction material deliveries frequently entail multifaceted teams, each assigned distinct roles and responsibilities. Detrack offers the flexibility to tailor app access for individual team members, guaranteeing that they possess the precise tools required for their specific duties. Moreover, you have the ability to expand your team by introducing new roles, such as sales support, customer service, or packers, all managed under the vigilant supervision of your team leaders.

Furthermore, other relevant team members can access our construction materials software app for valuable data input, contributing to a structured workflow where each member’s responsibilities are explicitly defined and role-specific.

In construction material tracking, effective communication stands as the cornerstone of success. Detrack is a construction materials tracking software that empowers you to maintain a seamless dialogue with your customers, ensuring they remain well-informed about the progress of their orders from initiation to completion.

Once a delivery order is generated within Detrack, you have the capability to configure email or SMS notifications, which can be dispatched to your customers at various pivotal junctures during the delivery process. These notifications include alerts regarding the scheduled delivery time, the driver’s en route status, the successful completion of the delivery, and any unforeseen delays or issues. Moreover, these communication channels can be personalized with your company’s branding, resulting in an enhanced and branded customer experience.

Streamlined inventory management is of paramount importance for construction material businesses as it enables them to maintain precise stock records, ward off stockouts, and enhance the efficiency of their supply chain. Detrack, a logistics software solution tailored for construction materials tracking, seamlessly integrates with widely used inventory management applications, simplifying the entire process.

Through this integration, businesses can effortlessly synchronize their inventory levels across various platforms, mitigating the potential for overstocking or stockouts, and thus augmenting overall operational efficiency.

Detrack’s analytics and reporting features provide valuable insights when tracking materials for construction projects. Reports can be generated on delivery time, driver performance, and customer satisfaction. 

Data can be exported in different formats for further analysis. Real-time data visualization tools help identify trends and inefficiencies. Overall, Detrack’s features help optimize operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Features made for Construction Material Delivery Businesses


API / Integrations

Detrack’s robust API and integration capabilities facilitate seamless connections with various systems, including accounting software, project management tools, and warehouse management solutions, greatly enhancing operational efficiency.

Data Export / Import

Effortless data export and import functionalities simplify the exchange of information between different systems, improving data accessibility and empowering businesses to make well-informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

Reporting / Analytics

Empowered by comprehensive reporting and analytics features, construction material delivery companies can generate tailored reports, gaining valuable insights into material utilization, inventory levels, and delivery performance.

Mobile App - Android And IOS

Detrack offers a user-friendly mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, providing easy access to real-time material tracking data from virtually anywhere, all at a minimal cost.

Real-Time Driver Tracking

With real-time driver tracking, construction material delivery managers can monitor material movement and delivery progress in real-time, offering a precise and comprehensive overview of their entire delivery team’s activities.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking capabilities enable construction managers to monitor the precise location of materials in transit and track delivery progress in real-time.

Photo Proof

Detrack’s photo proof feature empowers drivers to capture images of delivered materials at project sites, furnishing concrete evidence of delivery and the materials’ condition. This feature promotes transparency and accountability.

Signature (EPOD)

Through the Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) feature, customers can provide a digital signature as confirmation of receipt, creating a verifiable record of delivery.

Optimize Construction Material Tracking with Detrack

Better customer satisfaction

Enable full transparency and visibility in the final stages of construction projects enhancing customer satisfaction levels to a significant degree.

Reduced costs

By automating the entire process of tracking materials for construction, tedious and error-prone manual procedures are eliminated, resulting in significant time and cost savings including the reduction of fuel costs and more.

Efficient Workflow

Detrack offers a comprehensive suite of integrated tracking, reporting, and analytics features, empowering you to manage your project flow with ease and efficiency. This in turn ensure improved labor productivity.


A cost-effective construction material tracking software designed specifically to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. With its flexible and affordable pricing structure, Detrack ensures that businesses of all sizes can leverage its powerful tracking software.

Increase Profits

Detrack is a versatile construction material tracking software that empowers you to maximize profits by providing a comprehensive suite of tracking, reporting, and analytics features. With Detrack, you can easily monitor and manage all aspects of your project, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Decrease project delays

Project delays can be a costly issue for any construction project. Fortunately, Detrack’s construction material tracking software can help you reduce such delays by providing real-time visibility and transparency into your project’s progress.

Why Detrack?

Detrack is a top-tier construction material tracking software that caters to construction projects of all sizes. Its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface allow you to manage all aspects of your materials, from purchase orders to delivery dates to usage statistics. 

By taking advantage of Detrack’s advanced capabilities, you can optimize your project management, increase efficiency, and deliver exceptional results to your clients. Try Detrack today and experience how it can contribute to the success of your next construction project!

Try Detrack today and see how it can help make your next construction project successful!

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Detrack provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to track deliveries, which in turn increases our client satisfaction. Would definitely recommend this product to others.

Muhammad Abdullah
E-Commerce Manager
Marley Spoon | USA

5 star rating
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Very satisfied with the software and level of support. Allows me to schedule customer pickup requests and for my contractor to then schedule these with their drivers.

David Bush
General Manager
Battery Rescue | AU

5 star rating
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Any issues I’ve put across are all marvelously and swiftly resolved! This gives my company a competitive edge in the market.

Mei Lin Ker
Manager - Operations Excellence
Kerry Logistics | SG

5 star rating

Rated 4.8/5

Rated 4.9/5

Rated 4.9/5

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