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Detrack is a food delivery software that helps optimize last mile food delivery for restaurants and grocery couriers. It allows real-time tracking of deliveries, route optimization, and scheduling to reduce delivery time and enhance efficiency. With its compatibility with various mobile devices, delivery drivers can easily use it. Utilizing Detrack in last mile food delivery can improve the delivery service and increase customer satisfaction.

Is Detrack For You?

Are you looking to upscale your food delivery business, increase efficiency and automate delivery tasks?

Then Detrack is for you.

Whether you’re a small, independent restaurant or a large chain with multiple locations, offer ready made or fresh produce, Detrack has the tools to help you manage every aspect of your delivery process. 

Offering powerful features like live tracking, real-time notifications, Electronic proof of delivery, the option to add route optimization and more, Detrack makes it easy to get more orders delivered on time every time. 

With advanced analytics, Detrack can help restaurants identify areas where they need to improve their delivery process and ensure that orders are delivered quickly and efficiently.

Manage every aspect of your food delivery process

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Overcome your food delivery issues with Detrack

Real-time driver tracking

With real-time tracking of all food delivery drivers on a single map, businesses can optimize their delivery operations by identifying traffic hotspots, planning efficient routes, and monitoring their entire fleet from a single location.

Real-time order tracking

Detrack’s food delivery tracking widget is a restaurant delivery software tool that allows customers to track their orders in real-time, similar to popular apps like Uber. It provides customers with updates on their order status, including the estimated delivery time and the current location of the delivery driver.

On-time delivery

Timely delivery is essential for customer satisfaction and building trust. With Detrack’s driver performance analytics tool, businesses can easily analyze the performance of their delivery drivers using data such as delivery times, customer feedback, and other metrics. This ensures that businesses have the best food delivery team possible.

Customer support

A reliable customer support system can help increase customer satisfaction. With Detrack’s EPOD, restaurant/food delivery drivers can capture signatures, photos, and other details at the point of delivery using their mobile devices. This information is then stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed by businesses in real-time, reducing any customer concerns with ease.

Accurate order tracking and notifications

Customized SMS and email notifications keep customers informed about their order status, ensuring they feel confident and satisfied with the food delivery service.

Delivery fleet management

Efficiently managing delivery fleets and utilizing Detrack’s add-on route optimization tool helps ensure quick order deliveries and reduced delivery costs.

Payment options

Offering multiple payment options can help customers complete transactions with ease. Detrack is PCI-DSS compliant, ensuring that all credit card information is handled securely, and COD payment is supported as well.

Integration with popular apps

Integrating with popular apps can help businesses increase efficiency, reduce staff complement, and save time and money.

increasing visibility transparency over the last mile
Great Features That Make Detrack the Best Food Delivery Software

Great Features That Make Detrack the Best Food Delivery Software

API / Integrations

Integrate with 1000s of platforms in the market, including accounting systems, point of sale (POS) systems, web services and other third-party solutions. Connect your business with the world and manage deliveries from a centralized platform.

Data export / import

Easily export and import data, including customer information, orders, delivery addresses, and more. You can also manage multiple suppliers and customers on the same platform.

Multi-user and user roles

Detrack enables you to assign user roles and accesses to different team members. This allows tailor-made user privileges specifically based on each role, ensuring complete control.

Live tracking

Detrack offers real-time, Uber style tracking of your delivery teams, with automated notifications for all parties. This ensures customers remain informed.

Reporting / Analytics

With Detrack, you can easily generate reports and customize dashboards to gain relevant insights into your business operations. From order tracking to delivery performance, you can track the entire food delivery process.

Customer text notifications

Set up automated notifications to be sent out to customers with the latest updates on their orders drastically improving customer experience.

Mobile Apps

Detrack offers mobile apps for both manager & driver on Android and iOS, manage your deliveries from anywhere at any time. With these apps, you can track your delivery teams, check order status and manage customer feedback effortlessly. Plus, you can access all relevant data in one place for easy analysis.

White label / branding

Detrack offers a branding solution that lets you customize the look and feel of the notifications and documentation to suit your business. This way, you can ensure that all customer interactions have a consistent brand experience.

Contactless deliveries

Contactless deliveries, no-contact payments, and curbside pickup.

Detrack also supports contactless delivery and payment solutions to ensure the safety of your customers.

Multi-stop routes

You can easily create multi-stop routes with Detrack, which allows you to plan the most efficient delivery route and reduce mileage costs.

How Detrack Can Help Food Ordering & Delivery Businesses

Customer Satisfaction

Better customer satisfaction

Detrack grocery and restaurant delivery software enhances customer satisfaction through real-time tracking, proof of delivery, customizable options, and improved communication.

Increased Visibility and Transparency

Increased Visibility And Awareness

Customers can track their grocery and restaurant orders in real-time, which increases their confidence in the food distributor and the delivery process.

reduced costs icon

Reduced costs

Detrack food delivery software saves time and money for food courier businesses by optimizing delivery routes, reducing fuel costs, and preventing failed deliveries and associated costs.


Increased Profits

Detrack delivery software for restaurants can increase profits for food and beverage delivery businesses by reducing operating costs through improved fleet management, route optimization, reduced staff requirements, and paperless documentation.

Efficient workflow

Efficient Workflow

Detrack automates various manual tasks, including route optimization, fleet and driver tracking, delivery notifications, and automatically stores proof of delivery data.

reduced downtime in emergencies

Detrack restaurant delivery software enables swift and seamless transfer of affected deliveries from one driver to another in case of a vehicle incident or breakdown.

Detrack App Interface on Smartphone

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Very satisfied with the software and level of support. Allows me to schedule customer pickup requests and for my contractor to then schedule these with their drivers.

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I have been using Detrack for the management of deliveries for my Florist business for many years now. It has really helped to improve the delivery part of my service.

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