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Detrack helps you connect directly with the Shopify delivery app, giving you the capability you need to achieve full delivery tracking integration.

If you are working in any industry in which delivery is a big part, you need to optimize these deliveries and make sure they are taking place on time and without delay.

But without the right integration, this becomes difficult to achieve. You need to be able to provide real-time delivery updates, as well as to record and store proof of delivery when it occurs. This means you need the right data.

A simple point of connection between your business systems and a delivery app can make this possible – and easy. With this in mind, we provide effective integration with Shopify delivery app data, as well as data from other sources, to put delivery updates and alerts right at your fingertips.

This greatly enhances the service you provide to your customers. It also makes sure that you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to deliveries and tracking.

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Featured Integrations

Choose Detrack for Shopify delivery platform integration and more 

Here’s what makes us the ideal choice for delivery integration:

  • Compatible with Shopify Local Delivery Platform and WooCommerce Delivery Software
  • Full integration with your existing business systems
  • Better relationships with customers and partners, thanks to reliable tracking
  • Ongoing customer support to help you keep on tracking deliveries in the most effective manner possible
  • Licensed integration – we are a Shopify Delivery partner

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