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Detrack’s revolutionary oil and gas delivery software has been precision-engineered to cater to the specific demands of the oil and gas companies. It offers a comprehensive range of advanced features, such as real-time tracking, project management, and digital proof of delivery, all designed to elevate the operational prowess of these businesses to new heights.

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Detrack: The Ultimate Oil and Gas Software

In the intricate world of oil and gas deliveries, numerous hurdles like remote locations, safety standards, weather, and costs can throw a wrench into your operations.

Detrack offers a comprehensive, user-friendly delivery management system designed for the oil and gas industry. Our innovative cloud-based tech keeps you informed in real time, helping you spot and resolve issues before they become costly headaches, all while saving you time and money.

Revolutionizing Oil and Gas Companies

Detrack revolutionizes oil and gas companies with its cutting-edge solutions encompassing asset management, project management, and resource management. Leveraging advanced GPS technology, we facilitate remote asset tracking, streamlining delivery, and fuel management.

But there’s more: our automated report generation, featuring real-time proof of delivery documents, liberates your time and eliminates the hassle of manual paperwork. With Detrack, brace yourself for heightened efficiency, cost reductions, and the assurance of secure, punctual product deliveries, even in remote locations.

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Overcome your Oil and Gas delivery Issues With Detrack

Efficient Delivery Management in Remote Locations

Oil and gas operations often occur in remote areas, posing transportation challenges. Detrack ensures safe, efficient, and timely deliveries. Real-time tracking and optimized GPS data allow easy fleet monitoring on a live map.

Meeting Industry Regulations Securely

Oil and gas companies grapple with complex regulations and data security concerns. Detrack’s compliance with GDPR, PDPA, ISO 27001, and SOC 2 guarantees data protection and secure delivery management.

Mitigating Safety Concerns

Safety is paramount due to hazardous oil and gas products. Detrack’s real-time tracking tools ensure safe and timely deliveries, reducing complexity and costs.

Reducing Cost Pressures

Oil and gas companies face constant cost pressures. Detrack boosts efficiency by reducing fuel costs, minimizing support staff, and enhancing resource management. It optimizes routes, improves project management, and reduces costly delays.

Ensuring Safe Deliveries

Safety is paramount in the oil and gas industry. Detrack’s driver performance analytics ensure safe and timely deliveries by monitoring and improving driver performance, promoting road safety, and enhancing the customer experience.

Choosing Optimal Routes

Efficient route planning is crucial. With oil and gas software like Detrack, routes are optimized using real-time traffic data, delivery windows, and vehicle capacity, enhancing cost-efficiency and customer service.

Fleet management with GPS-enabled vehicle tracking UK

Features made for Oil and Gas Delivery Businesses

API / Integrations

Detrack’s API/integration feature is a crucial tool for oil and gas companies aiming to streamline their delivery management. It allows easy cargo tracking from pickup to delivery and integrates with various third-party software, offering real-time notifications for comprehensive delivery visibility.


Detrack’s management dashboard provides real-time tracking of delivery operations with detailed information from pickup to safe delivery, enabling quick issue identification and improved efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction for oil and gas businesses.

Data export / import

Detrack simplifies the transfer of delivery information between systems through data export/import capabilities. This eliminates manual data input, saving time, and reducing the risk of errors for oil and gas companies.

Data visualization / Reports

Detrack’s data visualization and reporting feature empowers oil and gas companies to spot performance trends and make informed decisions for enhanced delivery operations. This bolsters operational efficiency, cuts costs, and elevates the overall customer experience.


With Detrack’s multi-user function, companies can share access with others, enabling real-time collaboration. This eliminates the need for constant communication via calls and emails, providing teams with accurate and timely updates on delivery statuses.

Logistics management

By leveraging Detrack’s logistics management system, oil and gas companies can enhance their delivery operations, meet demanding delivery standards, and exceed customer expectations. This ensures timely and accurate deliveries while minimizing errors and improving overall efficiency.

Streamline Oil and Gas Deliveries

Real-time visibility of deliveries and drivers/trucks

Oil and gas companies need to have real-time visibility of their deliveries and drivers/trucks to ensure that their operations are running smoothly. This means being able to track the location of each delivery and driver/truck, monitor delivery progress, and make adjustments in real-time.

Easy scheduling

Scheduling can be a complex task, especially when dealing with multiple deliveries, drivers, and vehicles. Oil and gas companies need tools that can simplify this process and make it easier to schedule deliveries and allocate resources.

manage complex deliveries

Managing complex deliveries

Oil and gas deliveries can be complex, with different products, volumes, and delivery locations. Companies need to be able to manage these deliveries efficiently and ensure that they are delivered on time and in the right condition.

Fulfillment efficiency

Oil and gas companies need to be able to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently to maintain customer satisfaction. This means having the right products in stock, optimizing delivery routes, and minimizing delivery times.

tracking of vehicles drivers and orders

Driver, vehicle, and shipment tracking

Oil and gas companies need to track their drivers, vehicles, and shipments to ensure that they are being delivered safely and efficiently. This requires tools that can monitor driver behavior, track the location of each vehicle, and provide real-time updates on the status of each delivery.

Try Detrack Today

Oil and gas companies encounter daily delivery challenges. Detrack’s solution eases this burden with real-time GPS tracking and digital proof of delivery. Our geofencing technology monitors delivery zones, sending automatic alerts for late arrivals or incorrect routes. Custom integrations streamline operations, minimizing paperwork and enhancing efficiency.

Try Detrack today and simplify your delivery operations in the oil and gas sector.

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Detrack provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to track deliveries, which in turn increases our client satisfaction. Would definitely recommend this product to others.

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Very satisfied with the software and level of support. Allows me to schedule customer pickup requests and for my contractor to then schedule these with their drivers.

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Any issues I’ve put across are all marvelously and swiftly resolved! This gives my company a competitive edge in the market.

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