Contactless Delivery App

Contactless Delivery App

Key Features

Take Photo Proofs

Don’t just leave it on the porch. Take up to 10 photo proofs to protect you and your drivers.

Contactless Signature

Capture signature remotely without any contact. Let your customers sign on their own devices.

Text Signature Link

Send text (SMS) to request for contactless signature remotely. Recipients just need to tap to sign!

Simply Scan To Sign

The recipient is not there to receive? The person receiving on behalf can simply scan a QR code to sign.

Confirmation Screen

Take a photo of the confirmation screen after the recipient has signed. An additional proof wouldn’t hurt.

Social Distancing

Maintain social distancing while fulfilling delivery. Safety for both your drivers and your customers.

Watch How Contactless Signature Works

With Detrack, you get the choice of 3 contactless delivery options, helping you to keep your customers and delivery team safe. Many companies have struggled to implement new delivery systems that are safe and have had to compromise on proof of delivery information in order to protect their employees and customers. However, with Detrack, you have a fully-featured, configurable contactless delivery app that provides full proof of delivery for all jobs. Whether you have a single delivery van or a large fleet of trucks, you can use Detrack to manage all of your deliveries in real time and to make sure that every consignment arrives safely, with confirmation provided by photographic POD and customers’ signatures.

How our contactless delivery app works

When using Detrack as a contactless delivery app, you have 3 different options from which to choose. All of them ensure that you have adequate proof of delivery once a package has arrived and all of them will keep both your drivers and your customers safe.

  1. Option 1 involves your driver notifying the customer of his/her imminent arrival. The customer can then use live tracking to monitor the driver’s progress. Once the driver arrives at the destination, the parcel is placed on the doorstep and a photo is taken to show where it has been left. When the photo is uploaded to the app, a notification is automatically sent to the recipient, who can now come outside and pick up the parcel.
  2. Option 2 starts with the driver announcing their arrival via the app. As they do this, an SMS or email (your choice) is sent to the recipient. This message includes a link that the customer can use to enter their signature into the system.
  3. Option 3 utilises QR codes that recipients can scan from drivers’ phones on arrival, enabling them to sign for deliveries on their own devices.

Please see our FAQs for more information on Detrack or contact us for more information.

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