How Detrack Helped Mansco Go Paperless with Electronic PODs

Find out how Detrack helped Mansco streamline their administrative processes and move their business into the 21st century.


How Detrack Helped Mansco Go Paperless with Electronic PODs

Find out how Detrack helped Mansco streamline their administrative processes and move their business into the 21st century.
How Detrack Helped Mansco Go Paperless with Electronic PODs


Mansco (formerly Manufacturers Supply Company) has over 85 years’ experience providing fasteners and supply items for various industries. With locations across the US and over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space, Mansco wanted to make communication between their different locations easier, and implement a system that allowed them to keep track of their large operation with ease.

PODs and delivery details can now be retrieved easily at all our locations using the same software.  I can’t think of a good reason why any company wouldn’t try using them for a mobile proof-of-delivery solution.

Dan Bratt

Dan Bratt



Mansco has always strived to remain ahead of the curve and improve its processes and services through employee training and input. With such a big operation, continuing to use a paper based system would have seen Mansco left behind.  

Since Mansco operated between a range of locations, they weren’t able to file all of their paper proof of deliveries in the same place, making them challenging to retrieve. Manscos’s manual system meant that administrative staff spent up to 2 hours handling and chasing up paper documents every day. Not only was this driving up staffing costs, but it meant that Mansco weren’t able to provide the standard of efficient customer service that they wanted. 

Mansco recognised the possibility of increasing their ROI if they were able to retrieve and send out delivery documents electronically. Furthermore, they needed a better way to track delivery performances across time zones – such as PODs that recorded the date and time of deliveries with the highest accuracy.

Proof of delivery documents recorded at our remote locations used to be inaccessible

Solution and Implementation

The manual PODs that had been inaccessibly stored in remote locations were replaced with Detrack’s E-PODs. Unlike with paper PODs, these documents are stored in the cloud and so can be retrieved from anywhere within seconds. By being able to easily store and retrieve PODs, Detrack reduced a process that used to take hours to only minutes.

The Results

After successfully implementing Detrack’s services into their current workflow, Mansco saw immediate improvements in their productivity, particularly in their accounting and customer service departments. 

Using Detrack Systems, Mansco successfully: 

  • Reduced time spent handling physical delivery documents 
  • Managed to retrieve E-PODs from multiple locations with ease 
  • Improved overall customer satisfaction


Implementing Detrack’s electronic proof of deliveries was key to Mansco reducing overall administrative labor, allowing their team to spend more time focused on the bigger picture. Proof of deliveries were now available at the click of a button, which in turn allowed them to provide a higher standard of service to their customers. Enquiries and disputes were more easily resolved when the right documents were made available instantaneously. Mansco was also able to keep better track of their data and measure their on-time delivery performance across multiple locations and time zones. This gave them important insight into overall business health and efficiency. Mansco has effectively modernized its processes, and stepped into an era of easier admin and happier customers.

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