Delivery Management Software Features

Electronic Proof Of Delivery

Receive real-time POD with signature and photos the moment a job is completed.

Brand Your POD

Your customers will see your company logo in the POD PDF file automatically sent to them.

Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicle’s current location, speed and distance anytime, anywhere.

Live Map View

Monitor all your vehicles on a single map, updated live to the minute.

Track On Your Website

Our Tracking Widget lets your customers track their deliveries on your website.

Instant Notifications

Get real-time email updates on your delivery — for you and your customers.

Email Templates

Customize your email notifications to suit your corporate image and branding.

Import CSV / Excel

Import your existing CSV / Excel delivery manifest file into Detrack.

Match Import Headers

We will match your custom headers so you don’t have to make any change.

Unlimited Sub-users

Add unlimited sub-users for your customers, managers, CSOs & Dispatchers.

Calendar View

Quickly review the number of jobs you have for each day with our calendar view.

User Groups

Assign users to groups so they can only view jobs belonging to the same group.

Search & Filter

Your customer service officer can easily search and filter historical jobs.

Open Jobs To Marketplace

Open unassigned jobs to the marketplace for your selected drivers to grab.

Auto Reschedule Jobs

Automatically reschedule uncompleted jobs to the next day for delivery.

Sort Driver's Jobs

Drag and drop jobs to sort and the changes will be reflected on the driver’s smartphone.

Transfer Jobs

Transfer all or selected jobs between drivers with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Drivers' Route Logs

Review where your drivers have been to for the day with downloadable route logs.

Address Book

Add your regular customers as contacts and easily retrieve them when adding jobs.

Export To CSV / Excel / PDF

Export your PODs to CSV / Excel / PDF file formats for any date range for reporting.

Scalable To Your Needs

Track one to hundreds or thousands of jobs. We are ready to grow with you.

API Integration

Our open platform allows you to integrate your WMS or ERP with us via our API.

Track On The Go

Access your dashboard on your smartphone, tablet or any web-enabled device.

256-Bit SSL Encryption

All communication channels between you and our app servers are encrypted.

Tested & Proven Globally

We process hundreds of thousands of locations, photos and jobs globally every day.

Affordable Pricing

Track unlimited deliveries and PODs at a flat monthly fee of $20 / driver.

And Many More!

Mass update jobs, print barcode on POD, initial status, hide items, and many more!

Proof Of Delivery (POD) App Features

Capture Signature

Capture signature easily by signing on glass. Include recipient name too.

Capture Photo Proof

Capture multiple photo proof of arrival, setup, damaged items, and more.

Geotags & Timestamps

Geotags and timestamps let you know where and when your drivers submitted the PODs.

Include Delivery Items

View and manage items for each job. Reject, capture photo and scan barcodes.

Scan QR / Barcodes

Scan barcodes to search for any job or item, or capture serial numbers from printed labels.

Capture Extra Fields

Capture other fields such as weight, temperature, time, pallets, and more.

iOS / Android Solution

No expensive hardware needed. Start tracking with any iPhone or Android phone.

Very Easy To Use

User friendly app with big colored buttons that lets your driver simply tap to deliver.

Display Your Logo

Expose your brand and logo when your customers sign for their deliveries.

Mobile Job Dispatch

Dispatch jobs in real-time directly to your drivers’ smartphones via the cloud.

Push Notifications

Receive real-time updates with push notifications on Android & iOS.

Delivery Instructions

Easily communicate change in delivery instructions to drivers via the mobile app.

Link Attachments

Link to a URL or a remote document as an attachment for every job.

Support Collections

Detrack supports both collections (pick ups) and deliveries (drop offs).

Courier Mode

Link a collection job and a delivery job together as a single courier job.

Grab Marketplace Jobs

Your drivers can grab open jobs from the marketplace, with date and job offer.

Driver To Driver Transfer

Transfer jobs amongst your drivers, without the need for admin intervention.

Smart Sort

Jobs nearest to the driver’s current location will always be pushed to the top for fast access.

Send Pre-Delivery Text

Send pre-delivery text message with ETA to recipient with just a few quick taps.

Voice Navigation

Navigate to delivery addresses using Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze & Sygic (Truck).

Tap To Call

Simply tap a button to call the recipient should the driver requires help / confirmation

Capture Milestones

Capture important milestones such as arrived at / heading to delivery locations.

Mass POD

Simply sign once to submit POD for all deliveries sent to the same recipient.

Cash On Delivery (COD)

Collect cash from recipients for COD terms and enforce entering of amount collected.

Custom Reasons

Select from your own list of non-delivery reasons and item rejection reasons.

Change Item Quantity

Change original item quantity to reflect actual quantity delivered or collected.

Driver's Notes

Record driver’s notes or customer’s feedback on the collection or delivery.

Reattempt Jobs

Reattempt failed or completed jobs and keep PODs for all attempts made.

Cached Job List

Works even in areas with poor or no 3G / 4G / mobile data connection.

And Many More!

Scan to search, view updated jobs, select from gallery, tap to text, and many more!

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