A Man on a Mission

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A Man on a Mission

It’s a Tuesday morning, the team is having our weekly badminton session and things are starting to get intense. We’re a competitive bunch, and every point is worth killing for.

Looking pass a couple of us with our game faces on and rackets ready, Isaac – Detrack’s Senior Software Engineer – with a focused face himself, is busy working on his very own game changer.

Isaac has been a man on a mission for the past few weeks.

He’s been cracking his brain, trying to revamp, and add features to the highly sought after Detrack Manager App.

How did it all begin?

For the longest time, our support team have been getting tons of requests (on a daily basis!) regarding the Manager App.

“Can I view where all my drivers are on an app?”

 “Is there a way I can assign jobs to a driver on the app?”

It was a task none of us could take on – until now.

If there’s one person who relishes a good programming challenge, Isaac’s the man.

Once the challenge was accepted head-on by Isaac, it would be a while till anyone of us would see him without his laptop. Every day, you could find Isaac purposefully entering lines after lines of code, we’re sure his keyboard would be screaming for a break if it could.

It was only after Isaac gave us a peek of what he was working on that the rest of us understood the magnitude of the monumental task at hand, and not a single one of us could hide our excitement.

After a mere couple of weeks sprinkling some of his magical coding dust on the Detrack Manager App, users could now perform a multitude of tasks on their Detrack account without ever having to open a web browser!

Users can look forward to the Detrack Manager App

As soon you open the app, you could view all the jobs for the day neatly displayed and color-coded according to their statuses. In one glance, you could see the total number of jobs (pink), partially completed jobs (orange), and the dreadful failed jobs (code red!).

That’s not all.

Isaac’s hard work and programming wizardry will now allow you to assign or reassign jobs to the correct driver right on the Detrack Manager App.

This feature alone would make all managers of a Detrack account collectively jump for joy!

Already excited? Those are just a couple of features that’s available now on the app.

I guarantee you’ll be mind-blown after checking out the full list of things you could do, and the ridiculous amount of time you would be saving.

Deep breaths, people, deep breaths.

Your dream Detrack Manager App has not come without a cost though.

For weeks, our good friend, Isaac, seems to be in his own little code bubble, with his laptop screen perpetually showing endless lines of code.

Sleek his hair back, pop a pair of dark glasses on, put him in a smooth and shiny trench coat, and Detrack would have had our very own Neo. I for one would picture him being stuck in the Matrix, after my umpteenth time calling him (yes, I waved) without getting any response.

After the first few days, all of us in the office got a hang of it and knew better. We knew it was pointless to call, wave, speak to, smile at Isaac once he was in the zone.

It’s been awhile since we saw normal Isaac. This deep-in the zone-coding Isaac was starting to worry us, with everyone half expecting him to bust some Matrix Kungfu moves any time he’s frustrated or facing a programming issue.

With the Detrack Manager App finally up and running, the team welcomed normal Isaac with open arms. We missed you, Isaac, we really did.

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