How To Perform Scanning Of Barcodes / QR Codes For Mass POD


  1. Tap on the Menu bar (at the top right hand corner).
  2. Tap on Mass POD option.
  3. Tap on the Tap here to scan (at the bottom of the screen) to open a pop-up.
    1. Scan the barcode / QR code. (If the job is found, the scanned job will be highlighted in the background).
    2. To manually enter the barcode or use External Scanning Device, tap the Switch button, and enter / scan the barcode / QR Code.
  4. Tap on X to exit the pop-up when the scanning is completed.
  5. Tap on POD.
  6. (Optional) Capture photo, signature, name through the Camera button.
  7. Tap OK to complete or X to fail the job.
  8. Tap on Yes to submit / fail the job.

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