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POD App: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Like everything else in our lives right now, there’s probably an app out there to help us out. If you are in the logistics business or if your company needs to handle deliveries, then you would fully appreciate the value of a good POD (Proof of Delivery) app. POD apps are mobile apps that delivery drivers can directly download on their phones to capture proof of deliveries. Having a POD app is extremely helpful as drivers can capture recipient’s signature, [...]


5 Things You Should Look For in a POD App

A POD (Proof of Delivery) app can be pivotal in automating the way you have been managing your last mile delivery.-If you have been suffering the frustration of having to deal with piles of paper delivery orders and handling pndless calls from customers demanding to know where their deliveries are, you need to consider adopting a POD app. Some benefits a POD App can bring you are: Getting rid of cumbersome paper-based delivery orders Being informed of delivery progress in real-time instead of [...]