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Detrack is born out of a simple philosophy; reliability can be affordable with the smart use of technology. Recognizing the value and importance for businesses to be in control of their deliveries at all times, we created a mobile app-based vehicle tracking and proof of delivery system that lets you remain in control of your fleet even when they are out on the roads with just the use of smartphones.

Everything about Detrack is designed for smooth user experience and increased productivity in delivery management without incurring extra time, effort and labor. It can be seamlessly incorporated into existing systems and processes, is easy to use, reliable, automated and most importantly, affordable. With these principles in mind, our team created a revolutionary solution which did away with traditional retrofitted tracking devices, complex legacy backend systems, long implementation time and bulky barcode scanners. Detrack makes it possible for you to track your entire fleet, get instant delivery notifications and also capture proof of delivery — optionally with a signature or photo — in the very next hour or even sooner with just the use of iPhones or Android phones.

At Detrack, we believe in the people behind the logistics operations. That is why we never stop listening to our customers as we continue to perfect our system. We will spare no expense in our pursuit to bring you the most affordable, user-centric delivery tracking and proof of delivery system in the world.

Nothing delights us more than being able to help you gain control of your fleet, even as they move out of your office or warehouse. Knowing where your deliveries are, the speed at which your drivers are moving at, the exact time and location a delivery has been successfully or not successfully made, and many other valuable information — fed to you automatically and conveniently via your email inbox and on your computer screen or any web enabled devices like tablets or smartphones. Stop calling your drivers on the roads, and start impressing your customers with live delivery notifications.

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