Free vs Paid User

If you have cancelled all your paid licenses with us, your data retention privileges will be that of a Free User when the plan expires.

If you have at least one monthly / annual Detrack license with us, your data retention privileges will be that of a Paid User.

Below are the respective data retention schedules for a Free User and a Paid User

Upon expiry, Detrack will automatically purge the data based on the following retention schedules (based on the calendar date of the job) without backup.

S/NData TypeFree userPaid user
1Proof of Deliveries/Collections30 days60 Months
2Incomplete Jobs30 days24 Months
3Vehicle Location History12 Months12 Months
4Jobs Trash*12 Months12 Months
  1. If the job were to be deleted before the expiry time, they will be sent to the jobs trash. They will subsequently be deleted from the systems after 12 months.
  2. Before the 12 months’ expiry time, the jobs can be restored from the jobs trash.


What happens once Data is deleted/purged after the respective time schedule?

Deleted/Purged data will be archived in temporary storage for the next 30 days before it will be permanently deleted from our servers with no backup records.

How can I delete these data ahead of the schedule if there is a need to?

Kindly drop us an email us, and our technical team can delete those data.

Can I delete my data earlier instead of following the above schedule?

Yes, you can navigate to Settings > Job > Options > Job Retention Period to adjust the shorten the retention period to comply with your in-house PDPA policy.

What happens when I request to delete the Detrack account?

All of the data will be permanently deleted from systems without backup.

Updated: 26th September 2023