Service-Level Agreement

This document outlines the service levels to be provided in the delivery of Detrack, a vehicle tracking and proof of delivery software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, by Detrack Systems Pte. Ltd. (“Detrack Systems”). It also provides the service delivery parameters, against which the delivery of Detrack SaaS will be evaluated. Based on this evaluation, Customer may be entitled to an adjustment to the Service Credits for the services paid for.


For the purpose of measuring the quality of service (QoS) that Detrack Systems is delivering to Customer, Detrack Systems provides the following commitment:

Detrack Systems will provide Customer access to the SaaS web application on a twenty-four hour, seven days a week (24 x 7) basis at a rate of 99.9% (“SaaS Services Uptime Metric”).

The SaaS Services Uptime Metric commences “30 days” after the registered date which Customer is invoiced from. This “30 days” period is defined as the end-user testing period during which Detrack Systems will prepare for production environment, Customer has become familiar with software, and at which point Customer end-users have accessed the production environment with production data.


The SaaS Services Uptime Metric shall be measured using Detrack Systems’ monitoring and reports of the server uptime, process monitoring software running twenty-four hours, seven days a week (24 x 7).

On a quarterly basis, the SaaS Services Uptime Metric will be measured using the measurable hours in the quarter (total time minus planned downtime, including maintenance, upgrades, etc.) as the denominator. The numerator is the denominator minus the time of any outages in the quarter (duration of all outages combined) to give the percentage of available uptime. An “outage” is defined as a continuous failure by Detrack Systems’ monitoring system to access the dashboard for a five-minute period lasting.


The SaaS Services Uptime Metric shall not apply to performance issues caused by the following:

  1. Overall Internet congestion, slowdown, or unavailability
  2. Unavailability of generic Internet services (e.g. DNS servers) due to virus or hacker attacks
  3. Force Majeure event
  4. Actions or inactions of Customer (unless undertaken at the expressed directive of Detrack Systems) or third parties beyond the control of Detrack Systems
  5. A result of Customer equipment including mobile phones or third-party computer hardware, software, or network infrastructure not within the sole control of Detrack Systems
  6. Scheduled maintenance time
  7. Anything outside the control of Detrack Systems

In addition to scheduled maintenance, upgrades, patches and redundancy testing, Detrack Systems may require additional downtime. The downtime will be scheduled in advance and Customer will be notified via email at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance (or longer if practical). The Customer understands and agrees that there may be instances where Detrack Systems needs to interrupt the services without notice in order to protect the integrity of the services due to security issues, virus attacks, spam issues or other unforeseen circumstances.


Detrack Systems will provide to Customer the following support:

  1. Email support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week (24 x 7) basis
  2. Email sent by Customer indicating support needs / Support ticket opened will be acknowledged and replied by Detrack within 12 hours of its receipt
  3. Proposed resolution / steps of investigation will be given within 24 hours of receipt
  4. Resolution may take up to 5 working days to be submitted for release
  5. Mobile app updates may take up to 1 week or more (from resolution submission date) to be released depending on the duration of App Store and Google Play review process

Detrack Systems failing to meet the support agreement listed above will be subjected to SaaS Service Credits.


Detrack Systems will store Customer data for following durations:

Data Type Duration
Vehicle Tracking 12 months
Proof Of Delivery 36 months


Detrack Systems will provide a SaaS Services Uptime Metric Report in Accordance with this document to the Customer upon request. If the Customer does not agree with the Uptime Metric Report, written notice of the dispute must be provided to Detrack Systems within fifteen (15) days of the Uptime Metric Report.


Detrack Systems exceeding, meeting, or failing to meet the SaaS Services Uptime Metric as measured over any quarter may be reflected in adjustments to the duration of the paid time (monthly and annually) of the Customer pursuant to the following schedule (“Service Credits”):

Quarterly SaaS Rating Rating SaaS Service Credits
Between 99.9% – 100% Meet goals
Between 99.0% – 99.8% Tolerable Five (5) day extension of the term of the SaaS at no cost to Customer
Below 99.0% Unacceptable Ten (10) day extension of the term of the SaaS at no cost to Customer

SaaS Ratings below 99.0% for a quarter shall be escalated by both parties to the vice-president (or equivalent), as outlined in this schedule.

The SaaS Service Credits shall be cumulative and extend the initial term of the SaaS period paid for (monthly payment option) by the Customer at no cost to Customer. For (annual payment option) Customer, the SaaS Service Credits will be added to the end of the payment term as stated in the invoice; any renewal of SaaS agreement shall be effective after SaaS Service Credits have been fully utilized.

The annual Service Credits are capped at thirty (30) days per annum.