Case Study with Pan Logistics – Providing Customers Real-Time Proof of Deliveries

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Case Study with Pan Logistics – Providing Customers Real-Time Proof of Deliveries

Each day, 1.2 million deliveries are being made in Australia alone. Logistics companies have to ensure whatever that is needed to be delivered, gets delivered – and on time.

With 55% of Australians receiving an online parcel each month, the race to provide the best customer experience is on. Expectations have increased, and logistics companies are struggling to deliver.

The reason is simple.

Customers crave for convenience. People want to know exactly where their deliveries are and be notified once they are completed.

But handling customers’ inquiries and constantly keeping track of daily deliveries requires substantial man-hours; delivery drivers regularly face issues on the field as well. Why? Because human errors are inevitable.

So how can a company satisfy customers’ needs by providing real-time updates of the delivery process?

For this, the importance of automated real-time proof of deliveries (PODs) cannot be overstated. Having the capability to produce automated PODs in real-time for each delivery is crucial and beneficial to a company in multiple aspects. Companies would be able to –

  • Shorten billing cycles as the invoicing process can get started without delays
  • Increase productivity by efficiently making use of resources and manpower
  • Swiftly rectify issues like unsuccessful or partial deliveries to avoid customer complaints
  • Keep customers informed throughout the entire delivery process to avoid confusion
  • Instantly follow up customers’ feedback to improve services

Recognizing customers’ need for constant live updates, PAN Logistics from Australia explored producing automated real-time PODs and providing customers the ability to track and also to check the status of their deliveries in real-time.

Catering to All Types of Deliveries

Count on PAN Logistics to deliver

PAN Logistics have been proudly servicing satisfied customers with their regular interstate transport couriers and cartage service, covering every town and city in Australia for over 35 years.

Founded in 1979, PAN Logistics can be trusted to provide quality on-time interstate transport deliveries for customers and their clients – from envelopes and small packages, to full 34-pallet truck loads.

PAN Logistics possesses the expertise allowing the company to prepare and perform this impressive range of services –

·      Interstate Transport ·      Tracking & POD Systems
·      Interstate Couriers ·      Air & Sea Freight
·      Interstate Taxi Trucks ·      Australian Coastal Shipping
·      Prime Movers ·      Refrigerated Transport
·      B-Double & Semi-Trailers ·      Temperature Controlled Transport
·      Urgent Express Deliveries ·      Storage & Distribution
·      Warehousing & Parcel Freight ·      Palletized Freight Delivery Service
·      Online Booking Services


Customers Come First

What makes PAN Logistics such a trusted transport provider all these years is their continuous efforts to improve their services, and how customers’ feedbacks are considered and taken seriously.

Customers are satisfied with the PAN Logistics’ ability to provide real-time PODs, allowing the company to receive and send out updates on delivery statuses instantaneously.

“The problem we were facing at PAN Logistics was sending live proof of deliveries to our customers,” says Pece Nackovski, Director of PAN Logistics.

Furthermore, PAN Logistics also wanted to involve their large pool of customers with the services the company was providing, by making them feel more in control.

Nackovski explained, “We were hoping to find a way of integrating our customers into our operations.”

Implementing Detrack

Seeking a system with POD and courier tracking capabilities, PAN Logistics came across Detrack Systems – which instantly ended their search.

The company started with implementing Detrack to a courier run with multiple drops per day and were extremely satisfied with the experience.


Pece Nackovski, Director of PAN Logistics
Pece Nackovski, Director of PAN Logistics

“The process to implement a courier run took approximately ten minutes.”

With the use of Detrack, PAN Logistics now had the ability to:

  • Send real-time PODs
  • Send pre-delivery, post-delivery text messages or emails to customers
  • Track location, speed, distance, and the entire delivery progress
  • Make self-booking of deliveries for customers via the PAN Logistics system

These features would go a long way to streamlining and getting PAN Logistics customers more involved with their services.




Resulting Impact

“Detrack makes things easier for our staff as they can track the drivers, while also not having to create bookings themselves,” explains Nackovski.

With Detrack Systems, PAN Logistics have successfully:

  • Reduce staff cost as less manpower is needed to book deliveries manually
  • Automate the receiving of real-time delivery information like arrival time, time of job completion, etc
  • Increase productivity as customers are kept informed during the entire last mile without tedious manual communications
  • Achieve the ability to allow seamless, automated tracking for their customers
  • Reduce customer support calls by offering the ability to track deliveries from the Pan Logistics website 

“Furthermore, our customers now have such a smooth and uncomplicated experience when they need to keep track of their deliveries. They feel secure knowing that their deliveries are in good, reliable hands.  Our customers currently have more involvement and control with their deliveries with the Detrack system, which ultimately makes them happy as well.”

The Verdict

“Detrack is a driver / vehicle-tracking and POD system that is really user-friendly. PAN Logistics highly recommend Detrack Systems to large or small transport companies looking to integrate drivers and customers on one system.”

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