Are You Exposing Your Customers’ Personal Information?

11 November 2019 |
2 minute read

Among personal data breach cases, 80% of data leaks occur due to a breach of protection obligations, and not because of cyberattacks like hacking.

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Did you know?

As data protection becomes a global concern, international data protection authorities around the world are placing more and more emphasis on personal data privacy.

Among personal data breach cases, 80% of data leaks occur due to a breach of protection obligations, and not because of cyberattacks like hacking. A rule that many companies commonly break is not having any data protection policies in place.

Do all the solutions you use have sufficient data protection policies in place?

As a software that handles customer information on a massive scale on a daily basis, data protection is a priority for Detrack Systems.

We work with world-renowned cybersecurity firms on a regular basis to ensure Detrack, along with our partners and clients, are not at risk of potential data breaches. Working on our digital security have also prepared us to react accordingly and efficiently in an unlikely case of a breach.

Data Protection is a priority for Detrack Systems

As we regularly make improvements to enhance data protection for our users, you might have missed out on several features and some new settings we’ve made to Detrack over the years.

Get right up to speed with settings on your Detrack dashboard that prevents you from exposing your customers’ personal information, especially if you’re using our Tracking Widget. Read: How To Secure Your Tracking Widget For Data Protection.

Team Detrack

We’ve got you covered

Create an account and try Detrack today to try our live delivery tracking and electronic proof of deliveries (E-PODs) solution and rest assured your customers’ and your own data are always highly protected with Detrack.

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