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How To Manually Sort Collections For Drivers

Using our drag-and-drop to sort jobs feature, you can now easily re-order your deliveries and collections in a single list so that your drivers will see the exact order of jobs that you sorted out for them. Enabling Manual Job Sorting To enable manual job sorting, you must first disable Smart Sorting via Settings > […]

How To Manually Sort Deliveries For Drivers

Using our drag-and-drop to sort jobs feature, you can now easily re-order your deliveries and collections in a single list so that your drivers will see the exact order of jobs that you sorted out for them. Enabling Manual Job Sorting To enable manual job sorting, you must first disable Smart Sorting via Settings > […]

How To Scan QR Codes To Accept Runs

A run is a collective set / grouping of jobs. This article describes the scanning of a QR code to accept runs to have the jobs assigned to a driver. To use this feature, the jobs will need to be assigned a Run No.. Subsequently, the QR code labels can be printed out for the […]

How To Print Shipping Labels For Deliveries and Collections

You can download and print shipping labels for your parcels. The shipping label generated will include the barcode and QR code for D.O. No. (both the barcode and QR code on the shipping label represents D.O. No.). Other included information on the shipping labels are company name, address, contact name, item description, quantity, zone, company […]

How To Auto Assign Using Zones

By tagging a vehicle to a zone, you can allow jobs under the zone to be assigned to the vehicle automatically. Note: The job status of the jobs are to be In Progress. Steps Click on the Vehicles tab. Click on the vehicle you wish to add to a zone. The Update Vehicle Form will […]

How To Transfer Jobs Between Vehicles On The Dashboard

In Detrack, to transfer jobs between vehicles, users will update the new vehicle/driver assigned to the job by updating the individual job entry. Under the Vehicles tab in the Jobs dashboard, you can transfer jobs between vehicles/drivers using the Transfer Jobs button. Steps Navigate to Jobs > Vehicles which deliveries need to be re-assigned. You […]

How To Use The Map

The Map allows you to have an overview of your vehicles and your jobs for the day. After adding your jobs for the day, you will see the locations of your jobs and vehicles on the map. If there is no GPS connection or the app is turned off, the last known location of the […]

How To Export Daily Vehicle Job Summary

This article is regarding the generation of a basic job summary for your vehicles. Steps Go to Jobs > Vehicles Select the Vehicles tab, click on the Export button and select excel.

How To Generate Run Sheet

This tutorial is regarding the generation of the Run Sheet PDF. Steps Click on the Jobs tab > Click on either Delivery or Collection tab. Click on the Export button, and a drop-down will appear. Click on any of the Run Sheet options to generate the PDF. Run Sheets => All of the jobs for […]

How To Use The Actions Button On Dashboard

On the dashboard, you will notice a column of checkbox to the left of the table. By selecting the check boxes and clicking on the actions button, you can perform various actions to the selected rows such as assigning them to a group or deleting the entries. For the Vehicle tab, For the Job > […]

How To Use The Cash On Delivery (COD) Feature

This article is regarding the setup and usage of Cash on Delivery (COD) feature for your drivers to collect payment during delivery / collection. Whenever the driver tap on the related job in the Driver App, a sound will be played to alert them of the payment amount, and for them to record the collected […]

How To Manually Locate Your Address For Delivery Or Collection

Geocoding is a “guessing” algorithm, which can fail or produce inaccurate results. To correct the issue, you may manually locate your address for your delivery / collection job. Steps Click the map-marker icon under the Map column to open a pop-up. On the map, you may drag-and-drop the map marker pin to locate your address. […]

How To Mass Query Jobs

This feature is for searching multiple jobs (using D.O. No.). Steps Navigate to Jobs > Bulk Search tab. Under the Jobs Selection section, copy and paste the jobs D.O. No. in the text box. Enter one D.O. No. entry per line. Barcode Scanner usage You can also use a barcode scanner to input the D.O. […]

How To Place Priority Jobs On Top Of Driver’s List

This sticky job feature enables the admin to select the kind of Job types to stay on top of the Drivers’ list. This feature is useful for those who want to alert and ensure drivers will see and remember the urgent jobs or jobs that require them to finish first. Steps Enable the Job Type […]

How To “Link” A Collection Job To A Delivery Job

Courier Mode is defined as your driver collecting goods from Point A and delivering the same goods to Point B i.e. 2 different milestones of the same job. If you have a collection that is tied to a delivery job, meaning the collection must take place before the delivery can happen, you can enable the […]

How To Use The Marketplace

The marketplace feature allows users to push jobs in their Detrack dashboard to their drivers’ phones, for them to grab. This feature caters for ad-hoc jobs or courier companies who wishes to push out the jobs to their drivers to grab. This feature also allows users to set the offer fee tagged to the job […]

How To Automatically Reschedule Delivery / Collection Jobs To The Next Day

This Reschedule feature is meant for forwarding jobs with “Not Delivered” and / or “In Progress” status from the current day to the subsequent day. Note: This feature will only forward the jobs from the current day. Jobs from other past dates will not be affected by this feature. The event will take place at […]

How To Disable Auto Sorting Of Deliveries And Collections

If you are importing deliveries from a manifest file with optimized routes or routes according to your preferred priority, you can check the option below to disable smart sorting (function where the Driver App will auto sort the jobs according to the next nearest location). Once sorting has been disabled, your drivers will see their […]

How To Edit Or Delete A Completed Job

This article is regarding the manual editing of a job. Steps Navigate to Settings > Job > POD. Switch on Enable deletion of complete jobs for dashboard. Click Save. Editing a Completed Delivery Under the POD, switch on the Enable manual POD for dashboard box to enable manual input of Proof of Delivery (POD) details. […]

How To Use Detrack To Submit Employees’ Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Results

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, companies are strongly encouraged to commence regular testing for employees who work on-site. Use Detrack’s award-winning electronic proof of delivery (E-POD) solution to easily track and conveniently store your employees’ ART results. Your employees can now simply capture and submit their ART results on the Detrack app, while you […]

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