How To Use The Map

The Map allows you to have an overview of your vehicles and your jobs for the day. After adding your jobs for the day, you will see the locations of your jobs and vehicles on the map. If there is no GPS connection or the app is turned off, the last known location of the vehicle will be shown instead.

Map Icons

The house icons indicate the address location of the jobs (Delivery or Collection) while the vehicle icons indicate the current location of your vehicles. House Icon When you hover over a house icon on the map, the below pop-up will appear, showing the job details such as address, type of job and instructions. When you left click the house icon, the update job form will appear along with the above pop-up. Vehicle Icon By left clicking a vehicle icon, the jobs assigned to the vehicle/driver will be shown.

Vehicles and Jobs Filter

By clicking on the drop down box, you will see two filter options and your vehicles. Selecting one of these two options will allow the item to be visible on the map. The two filter choices are All Vehicles & Jobs and All Vehicles. When you select any of your individual vehicles, the map will move and zoom in to their location.

Map Legends

Below the Vehicles and Jobs filter, you will see the map legend. The color of the job icons will be based on their job status as shown above. By enabling / disabling the job status options, you can show/hide jobs on the map.
For example, if you wish to see only completed jobs, uncheck all but the option for completed jobs.

Route Log

To view the route taken by your driver on the map, select the vehicle under the Jobs and Vehicle filter. The type of route logs are as follows: Route Log (Green) – Route taken by driver. Heading to route (Purple)- Planned route to Job location. GPS lost route (Light green)- Route connecting the route last connected to GPS with driver’s next connected route. However, this is not the actual route taken by the vehicle. If your driver taps on the Head to location on the driver’s app for a job, the Heading to route (purple route) between the vehicle’s current location and the destination will appear on the map. The Route Log will include all the routes taken by the driver as long as the device remain GPS connected and the Detrack app is turned on. If the GPS information are not being sent back to our servers (due to lost of connection), there will be a light green (predicted) connecting route between the last known and subsequent GPS coordinates.

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