Route Planning

The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is extremely useful for courier services.

It helps optimize delivery routes, ensuring that each customer’s demand is met in the most efficient way possible.

By minimizing the total distance traveled and adhering to vehicle capacity limits, VRP can reduce fuel consumption, lower operational costs, and increase the number of deliveries per day.

It also helps in planning optimal schedules for drivers, ensuring timely deliveries and improved customer service.

Within the Detrack systems, 2 modes of route planning are supported.


Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
  • For planning jobs that are pre-assigned to a single vehicle.
  • Generates a single route for the vehicle.

Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP)
  • For planning jobs with different requirements to multiple vehicles.
  • Jobs need not be pre-assigned to any vehicle prior to planning.
  • Generates a single plan of multiple routes for multiple vehicles.

Delivery Dynamics:
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