How To Create Multiple Routes (VRP)

This article is regarding the creation of multiple routes (VRP) for multiple vehicles in a single plan.


  • Create jobs in your Detrack account
  • Select the jobs that require planning.
  • Click Actions > Plan multiple route.
  • A form will appear
    • Settings for drivers/vehicles => for filtering / selecting the Vehicles for planning
      • Vehicle mode => Car / Motorcycle / Truck / Heavy Truck
      • Select drivers
        • Check the vehicles that are to be utilized for this plan.
        • Retain driver assignment (Optional) => If enabled, the systems will use the provided vehicle assignment of the jobs.
    • Define Route Preferences
      • Route group name => Identifier for this VRP plan.
      • Start Depot => Start location/s of the vehicle/s.
      • End Depot => End location/s of the vehicle/s.
      • Route Time Window
        • Use vehicle’s working hours => Take reference from the information of the various vehicles from Settings > Vehicles.
        • Provide a time window => Override the information of the various vehicles from Settings > Vehicles.
    • Show more advanced settings
      • Service Time => Amount of time spend at each job location. Providing a value in this field will overwrite the jobs’ Service Time value.
      • Avoid Toll => Routes would likely traverse a longer distance and take longer time to avoid tolls / gantries.

      • Route Start Number => Suffix for the Route Name to begin with. Default: 1.
  • Click Proceed to Optimize Route when done.
  • A pop-up will appear at the bottom right hand side of the dashboard.
    Note: This process will run asynchronously in the background.
  • Upon completion of the planning, another pop-up will appear.

  • You may navigate to view the planned routes by clicking on either the View Route Table or View Route On Map button to review the various routes, and subsequently assign the route to the drivers.

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