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Issue 42 – Say Hello To Dashboard V2

Man looking at computer screen

Let’s take our relationship to the next level with Dashboard V2.

Detrack has a shiny new dashboard – now ready for you in open beta.
V2 will offer you a customized user experience when managing your vehicles and jobs.
Along with vital daily reports, you’ll be able to pick which columns come first on your Detrack dashboard, setting a personalized layout. You can also display and view all your delivery stops on a map, and a whole lot more.
You ready?

Take a sneak peak of the enhancements waiting for you with V2.

View a dynamic summary of all jobs at the top of your page.
Job page Dashboard V2

You’ll have laser-focus on critical job statuses that are updated in real-time.
Summary of Job statuses on Dashboard V2

It’s about to get personal.

Rearrange the columns on Dashboard V2 to your own preference.
Vehicle View Columns Dashboard V2
Decide on the important information you need, and be greeted by a personalized dashboard layout every time you log into your Detrack account.

Appreciating all your valuable data.

We collect and consolidate vital information from your operations and present them in a Daily Report.
Reports 1 from Dashboard V2

Reports 2 Dashboard V2

Excited yet?

Make the switch to Dashboard V2 now.
To make the switch, simply click on the green Switch to new V2 Dashboard button at the top the page (if you are on Dashboard V1) and transport yourself to a whole new, personalized Detrack experience.
Switch to V2 from V1 Detrack
We’ll see you there.
Team Detrack

P.S. Saying goodbye to Dashboard V1 harder than expected? We feel you.
Follow the steps below to switch back to your classic Detrack dashboard.
Switch to V1 from V2 Detrack Dashboard
If you’ve already made the switch to V2, welcome aboard!
Here’s a list of Dashboard V2 tutorials if you need a little help finding your way around.

Experience Dashboard V2 today

Experience the magic of Dashboard V2 and sign up for a FREE account now to enjoy the full benefits of Detrack, including the live tracking of all your deliveries, automated notifications at various milestones, and our award-winning electronic proof of deliveries (E-PODs).


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