Transition From V1 To V2

V2 comes packed with many new features and changes to enhance the user experience. Part of the changes made was the renaming of some default headers / fields names. This is done to provide users with a more instinctive understanding of the headers / fields.

If you have come from V1, you can continue using your current V1 headers in your Excel / CSV file to import into V2 as your current headers on your V1 dashboard has been automatically mapped over. However, do take note that the default headers of V2 will be used if the customized headers are removed or left as blank in the Settings of V2.

Below is a screenshot to see how the headers have been mapped over in the V2 dashboard.

If you will like to make changes for the headers in V2, you can edit them as per usual ( and the changes will be reflected in V1 as well if you decide to switch back. But if the headers are changed, you will need to match the same changes on your import files to ensure the success of your manifest imports.

Below is a reference table of the headers in V1 and its corresponding names in V2.

V1 Headers V2 Headers
Type Detrack Job Type
Initial status Primary Job Status
Offer Marketplace Offer
D.O. # D.O. No.
Age Job Age
Sync time Job Release Time
Delivery / Collection time Job Time
Time slot Time Window
Request date Job Received Date
Tracking # Tracking No.
Order # Order No.
Job order Job Sequence
Address lat Address Latitude
Address lng Address Longtitude
Address company Company Name
Phone # Phone No.
Sender Phone # Sender Phone No.
Fax # Fax No.
Notify url Webhook URL
Account # Account No.
Owner name Job Owner
Invoice # Invoice No.
Invoice amt Invoice Amount
Payment amt Payment Amount
Vendor Vendor Name
Shipper Shipper Name
Labels No. of Shipping Labels
Attachment Attachment URL
Detrack # Detrack No.
Status Job Status
POD lat POD Latitude
POD lng POD Longtitude
POD address POD Address
Arrived lat Arrived Latitude
Arrived lng Arrived Longtitude
Serial # Serial No.
Reschedule Auto Reschedule
Goods Service Rating Goods / Service Rating
Feedback Remarks Customer Feedback
Identification # Identification No.
Run # Run No.
Insured Insurance Coverage
Item count Items Count
Destination timeslot Destination Time Window
Item Level Headers
P.O. # Item P.O. No.
Batch # Item Batch No.
Expiry Expiry Date
Description Item Description
Qty Quantity
Checked Item Checked
Actual Qty Actual Quantity
Inbound Qty Inbound Quantity
Unload Time Est. Unload Time Estimate
Follow Up Qty Follow Up Quantity
Rework Qty Rework Quantity
Reject Reject Quantity
Item reason Item Reject Reason
Item serial # Item Serial No.

We hope you will enjoy V2 as much as we do. Also, please kindly note that the V2 dashboard is currently not yet available for accounts on admin activated courier mode. Please stay tuned to our mailers for more updates.