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15 Best Package Tracking Apps: Your Route to Seamless Shipments

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In a world where convenience and efficiency reign supreme, staying on top of your packages’ whereabouts has become an essential part of our daily lives. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting an online order or need to monitor a crucial delivery, having the right package tracking app can make all the difference. 

With an array of options available, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 best package tracking apps that offer seamless shipment monitoring and ensure you stay informed every step of the way. 

Join us as we explore these apps, designed to simplify your tracking experience and provide peace of mind in the world of deliveries.

Delivery Delays Are Sinking Your Customer Satisfaction Ratings
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1. Detrack: Best for End-to-End Logistics Solution 

Detrack is an exceptional delivery management solution allowing customers to monitor their orders to their door with Tap to track. This platform goes beyond basic tracking features, providing a seamless experience for businesses and individuals alike. From real-time tracking to proof of delivery, Detrack’s robust capabilities ensure efficiency and reliability throughout shipping making it a comprehensive end-to-end logistics solution..


Real-time Tracking: Detrack provides real-time tracking capabilities, allowing users to monitor their shipments at every stage of the delivery process. This feature offers transparency and peace of mind, ensuring you know your package’s location.

Proof of Delivery: One of Detrack’s standout features is its ability to capture electronic proof of delivery. This includes capturing signatures, photos, and notes and providing solid evidence of successful deliveries, which is crucial for businesses and customers.

Customization Options: Detrack allows users to customize notifications and alerts according to their preferences. Whether it’s updates on delivery statuses or specific milestones, users can tailor the app to suit their needs.

User-Friendly Interface: The app boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it effortless for senders and recipients to navigate and understand the tracking process.


Limited Free Plan: While Detrack offers a free trial, its free plan is limited in features and tracking capacity. Users requiring extensive functionalities may need to opt for paid plans.


  • Free 14 day trial
  • Pricing based on chosen product tier

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2. ClickPost: Best for Comprehensive Shipping and Logistics Tracking

ClickPost is a top choice for its comprehensive shipping and logistics tracking approach. A user-friendly interface and customizable notifications ensure a smooth tracking experience. However, some users have reported limitations in integrations with other platforms.


Comprehensive shipping and logistics tracking

User-friendly interface

Customizable notifications


Limited integrations based on user reviews


  • Starting from $300.00/month
  • Pricing model: Subscription

3. AfterShip: Best for Cross-Carrier Tracking Functionality 

AfterShip stands out for its cross-carrier tracking capabilities and timely delivery notifications. It offers analytics features but reserves advanced functionalities for premium plans. Users note varying customer support response times.


Cross-carrier tracking functionality

Notifications for delivery updates

Analytics and reporting features


Advanced features limited to premium plans

Customer support response time varies


  • Starting price: $11.00 per month
  • Free trial: Available
  • Free version: Available

best package tracking apps

4. OnFleet: Best for International Delivery Tracking 

OnFleet specializes in international delivery tracking, offering efficient route optimization and customizable communication between drivers and recipients. Although praised for its capabilities, occasional glitches, and potentially higher pricing compared to competitors have been reported.


✅ International delivery tracking capabilities

✅ Efficient route optimization

✅ Customizable driver and recipient communication


❌ Some users reported occasional glitches

❌ Pricing might be higher compared to competitors


  • Starting from: $500.00/month
  • Pricing model: Subscription
  • Free Trial: Available

5. 17Track: Best for Multi-Language Tracking 

17Track is renowned for its specialization in multi-language tracking services. It provides a seamless experience for users worldwide by offering tracking services in various languages, ensuring accessibility and convenience for a diverse user base.


✅ Multi-language tracking support

✅ Wide carrier coverage

✅ Free to use for basic tracking needs


❌ Interface design could be improved

❌ Advanced features limited in the free version


  • Essentials – $9/month for up to 500 shipments
  • Pro – $28/month for up to 1,000 shipments
  • Business – $48/month for up to 2,000 shipments

6. Shippo: Best for Streamlined Shipping and Tracking Operations 

Shippo is a platform for optimizing shipping and tracking processes. It aims to streamline operations, making shipping tasks more efficient and manageable for businesses.


✅ User-friendly interface

✅ Multi-carrier support

✅ Integration with various e-commerce platforms


❌ Potential issues with customer support

❌ Limited features in the free version


  • Started – Free
  • Professional – Starts at $10/mo.
  • Premier – Customized

7. ShippyPro: Best for Multi-carrier Shipping and Tracking 

ShippyPro is recognized for its multi-carrier approach to shipping and tracking. It enables businesses to manage shipments across various carriers within a unified interface.


✅ Multi-carrier management

✅ Real-time tracking capabilities

✅ Integration options with major e-commerce platforms


❌ Complexity in setup for some users

❌ Possible limitations in customization features


  • Starting from: €59.00/month
  • Pricing model: Subscription
  • Free Trial: Available | (No Credit Card required)

best package tracking apps

8. Narvar: Best for Enhancing Post-Purchase Experience with Tracking 

Narvar focuses on enhancing the post-purchase experience through its tracking solutions. It aims to provide customers with a seamless and satisfying post-purchase journey.


✅ Improved post-purchase tracking and communication

✅ Customer-centric features

✅ Seamless integration possibilities


❌ Higher pricing tiers might not be budget-friendly

❌ Some users may find the interface overwhelming


  • Not Available

9. ShipWell: Best for Scalable Supply Chain and Tracking Solutions 

ShipWell offers scalable solutions for supply chain management and tracking. It caters to businesses of various sizes, providing adaptable solutions for their logistics needs.


✅ Scalable solutions suitable for various business sizes

✅ Advanced supply chain management features

✅ Reporting and analytics tools for insights


❌ Learning curve for new users

❌ Customization options might be limited in some aspects


  • Not Available

10. Veeqo: Best for Inventory and Shipping Tracking 

Veeqo specializes in inventory and shipping tracking solutions. It aims to provide comprehensive tools for businesses to manage their inventory and shipping processes efficiently.


✅ Inventory management capabilities

✅ Integrations with multiple sales channels

✅ Order processing and fulfillment features


❌ Complexity in initial setup

❌ Pricing might be steep for smaller businesses


  • Accelerator – 195 USD per month
  • High Growth – 253 USD per month
  • Premium – 325 USD per month
  • Custom

11. FarEye: Best for Real-Time Parcel Tracking and Visibility 

FarEye is an advanced parcel tracking platform renowned for its real-time tracking capabilities and enhanced visibility throughout the delivery process. It offers customizable tracking features and detailed reporting, ensuring businesses have a comprehensive view of their shipments.


✅ Advanced real-time parcel tracking

✅ Enhanced visibility across the entire delivery process

✅ Customizable tracking and reporting features


❌ Complex setup for some users

❌ Possible higher costs for extensive features


  • Starting Price – $20.00/month/user
  • Free Version – Not Available

12. Deliveries: Best for Mobile-Friendly Package Tracking 

Deliveries excels in providing a user-friendly mobile experience for package tracking. With its mobile-centric approach, the app simplifies tracking and notification customization for users on-the-go.


✅ User-friendly mobile interface

✅ Seamless package tracking on mobile devices

✅ Customizable notifications and delivery updates


❌ Limited features compared to some other platforms

❌ Potential issues with accuracy in tracking information


  • Not Available

best package tracking apps

13. Shop: Package & Order Tracker: Best for Package and Order Tracking on Mobile

Shop is dedicated to simplifying package and order tracking on mobile devices. Its intuitive interface and integration with various shopping platforms aim to offer a seamless tracking experience for users across different online stores.


✅ Efficient package and order tracking on mobile devices

✅ Simplified user interface for easy navigation

✅ Integration with various shopping platforms


❌ Possible performance issues on certain devices

❌ Limited functionalities compared to comprehensive tracking platforms


  • Not Available

14. ParcelTrack: Best for Centralized Parcel Tracking on Mobile 

ParcelTrack centralizes parcel tracking from multiple carriers, offering users detailed shipment history and predictive delivery insights. Customizable alerts and notifications ensure users stay informed throughout the delivery process.


✅ Centralized parcel tracking from multiple carriers

✅ Detailed shipment history and delivery predictions

✅ Customizable alerts and notifications


❌ Potential syncing issues with carrier information

❌ Limited carrier support in some regions


  • One time purchase (perpetual license) ranging between $0 and $5

15. EZTrackIt: Best for Web-Based Package Logging and Tracking

EZTrackIt is a comprehensive web-based package logging and tracking solution. With efficient search functions and reporting tools, it provides detailed insights into packages’ movements and locations, enhancing overall tracking efficiency.


✅ Web-based package logging and tracking solution

✅ Efficient search and retrieval functionalities

✅  Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools


❌ Complexity in setup and integration for some users

❌ Potential limitations in scalability for larger operations


  • Bronze at $95.00 per month
  • Silver at $195.00 per month
  • Gold at $295.00 per month
  • Platinum at $395.00 per month

Choose the Best Package Tracking App

Having the right package tracking app can make all the difference. Our exploration of the top 10 package tracking apps has revealed a myriad of options designed to streamline and enhance the shipping experience. Each app has its own set of features, catering to different needs and preferences.

However, in this competitive landscape, Detrack stands out as a compelling choice for individuals and businesses seeking an all-encompassing solution for their shipping and logistics needs. While each app offers unique strengths, Detrack excels in providing an end-to-end logistics solution beyond mere tracking.

Indeed, Detrack emerges as a top contender, offering not just tracking, but a complete logistical solution that promises efficiency, reliability, and a tailored experience, making it the ultimate choice for anyone seeking a truly seamless shipping experience.

Delivery Delays Are Sinking Your Customer Satisfaction Ratings
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