How To Add Vehicles To A Group

By tagging a vehicle to a group, you can allow sub-users placed in the Groups you created to view the live location of the tagged vehicles. By default, sub-users who only have access to a certain group/s but not your main account, will not be able to view the live location of your vehicles. You […]

Dashboard Fields For Vehicles

Field Description Name / Vehicle No. Name of the vehicle or driver. Required. Detrack ID Retrieved from the corresponding Driver App. Required. Speed Limit Speed limit for your drivers.The unit of measurement (kilometers or miles) can be set under Settings > Organization > General. Stationary Limit Time limit when the vehicle stays stationary. Mobile no […]

How To View Vehicle’s Last POD Date / Time

This feature allows users to view the vehicle’s last POD date / time in a column for the Vehicles tab. Steps On your admin dashboard, click on the Settings > Vehicle. In Vehicles Settings, switch on Display vehicle’s last submitted POD in Vehicles tab > Save. Thereafter, the date / time of the vehicle’s last […]

How To Scan To Check In For Driver

This feature is for user to generate a QR Code from the dashboard for their driver to perform a Scan to Check In (through the Driver App) to get registered to the dashboard. Steps On your admin dashboard, click on Settings > Check-In Code. A QR Check-In Code will appear on the screen. Have your […]

How To Replace Existing Driver’s Detrack ID With New ID

Users may need to replace an existing driver’s Detrack ID with a new driver’s Detrack ID for various reasons (e.g., driver is no longer with the company, or a temporary driver is doing the delivery). To replace an existing Detrack ID with a new one, the new driver is required to download the Detrack app […]

How To Download Route Logs Of Your Vehicles

This article is regarding the downloading of the vehicle route log. The route log will show the time and location your driver has been throughout the day when the Detrack App had been switched on. Steps Go to Jobs > Vehicles. Select a date on the Calendar. Click on the Download Route Log icon to […]

How To Add License

If you wish to add more licenses to your existing account, you can easily do so by ordering your subscription online. Refer to pricing. Steps Log in to your Detrack account and click on Account > Billing. In the filter, select Detrack.Click Purchase Licenses > Select the plan that you wish to subscribe. Add more […]

How To Add A Vehicle

This article will provide the steps for adding a vehicle into your Detrack account. Downloading the Detrack App (Driver App) The Driver App is the medium to receive the jobs from the Detrack dashboard. Steps to download the Detrack App in your iPhone / Android phone iPhone: Open the App Store app Search for: Detrack […]

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