Three Keys To Supply Chain Visibility Through A Cloud

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Three Keys To Supply Chain Visibility Through A Cloud

The importance of supply chain visibility has certainly grown to a level that logistics companies can no longer ignore. With increased global trade brought about primarily by the popularity of e-commerce, it is essential that logistics companies look for sustainable systems to increase their efficiency to position themselves for a piece of the pie. This very interesting and informative article by Ranga Bodla MHLnews, talks about how real-time visibility through the cloud is the way to go.

Below are the 3 key points of the benefits the cloud can bring companies in their supply chain and logistics operations:

1) Real-time collaboration – Moving wholesale distribution processes to the cloud makes it possible for data to flow seamlessly. It brings about improved communications between the wholesalers and their customers. Now everyone can work in sync with the same data, audit trails and real-time accuracy at every stage. Having a common platform will ensure smooth flow of communications and a high level of accuracy.

2) Single data set – Rather than data stored on multiple platforms, applications or spreadsheets, all data is now consolidated from a single source. This saves time, effort and money in having to manage and process data from multiple sources. The cloud enables wholesale distributors to build and manage a single data set on trading partner performance. In fact, from a Detrack point of view, some of our users are using Detrack as a platform to consolidate all the delivery data and sharing it with their customers and vendors (often 4PLs). By doing so, the level of communications between stakeholders have improved bringing about significant increase in the last mile delivery efficiency and cost savings.

3) Business and IT agility – From an IT perspective, using a validated prebuilt application from a software vendor on the cloud is faster and far less costly compared to on premise solutions (which often comes with very heavy additional costs including maintenance, updating, training, setup etc). Choosing a cloud solution that meet your needs translates to more resources to be channelled into building the business, not managing IT.

The cloud promises fast, real-time information is the way to go especially with widespread global operations, e-commerce and the unstoppable need to move forward with times.

If you are keen, you can read the full article right here.

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