Delivery Order Templates For You

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Delivery Order Templates For You

Delivery Order or Delivery Docket is a document from a consignor, shipper or owner, allowing the transportation and release of cargo to a third party. That party will then be responsible for delivering the goods to the person named in the order.

A delivery order is an essential piece of evidence used as the proof of goods delivered. In fact, most companies are only able to start billing their customers when the delivery order is duly signed and returned. The most common delivery order issued is for the purchaser / recipient of goods from a supplier. This type is used by the supplier’s in-house delivery team or assigned 3PLs / couriers.

This article will walk you through how to create your own Delivery Order Templates and provide you with a downloadable template to get you started.

There are 2 questions to consider:

  • What platform do I wish to create my Delivery Order on?
  • What are the required fields or information I need to include?

Delivery Order Detrack

1. Selecting A Platform For Your Delivery Order

First, you can choose to create your Delivery Order templates manually using Excel or Microsoft Word. Creating your delivery order on either is relatively fast.

It can get tedious when it comes to actual daily operations, especially if you need to process large numbers of Delivery Orders per day. However, if your daily delivery volume ranges below 10, this is definitely a great option to use.

There are software programs that can automatically generate Delivery Order templates. For instance, some Warehouse Management Software (WMS), Courier Booking, Billing and E-Commerce software programs are able to generate Delivery Orders.

The pros include: 

  • These types of software produce fast results.
  • They allow you to integrate your delivery operations to key functions like delivery management and inventory management.

The cons include:

  • Some software may be expensive.
  • It could be difficult to use for the layman.

There are free versions of such programs available; though if you wish to invest in any logistics software, be sure to test them out before committing.

If you decide to use Microsoft Word Delivery Order templates, you can download the Delivery Order Microsoft Word Template, or the PDF version: Delivery Order Template PDF.

Closeup of parcel box

2. Fields / Information To Include In Your Delivery Order

There is no universal standard format for a Delivery Order. Contents largely depend on how your business works. However, there are some necessary fields required.

Here’s a list of the essentials:

  • Shipper / Consignor / Courier Logo
  • Date of delivery
  • Recipient Name / Company
  • Delivery order number (or any number / barcode to identify this delivery)
  • Item(s) for delivery & quantity
  • Receiver signature field

The rest of the content on your Delivery Order will be made up of other essential information that your business requires. For instance, if you are delivering electronic appliances or devices, it may be necessary to record the serial number of each of the products for record and warranty registration.

If you are delivering pharmaceutical products or food, it could be necessary to include the batch number for recording and easy tracing should there be a recall of products.

To figure out what fields or information to include in your Delivery Order templates, you can go through your workflow and jot down the information you will need for record keeping, billing, and evidence of delivery.

Consider a paperless option before you embark on creating paper Delivery Order templates. Find out more about your options here.

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