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Press Release 29 Nov 2013


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Keeping in mind the importance of businesses to keep track of the various deliveries they undertake on a busy working day, an affordable Android app like Detrack will be of great help as it efficiently keeps watch on vehicular activities and gives proof of delivery.

Singapore (November 29, 2013): Dealing with deliveries is a big headache for many companies as customers perennially complain about late delivery or failure of delivery. An Android app called Detrack has been developed for lessening the burden regarding the issue of delivery and making the smooth operation of businesses more convenient. To give prospective a try of Detrack before investing in it, a pilot program has been designed by which they will be able to track unlimited vehicles and receive proof of deliveries free until the end of 2013. All they have to do to enroll for this free program is sign up for a free account through the company’s website.

Detrack is a revolutionary Android-based vehicle and delivery tracking system which helps businesses be in control of their deliveries at all times. All that they need to do is provide their drivers with low cost Android smartphones as Detrack is capable of operating efficiently even on the most basic Android mobile platform. It has a variety of features which make it value for money, these are:

  • Vehicle Tracking – Tracks the vehicle’s current location, speed and distance anytime, anywhere.
  • Live Map View – Monitors all the vehicles on a single map which is updated live minute to minute
  • Photo Proof of Delivery – Takes photos right from within the app and submits real-time photo PODs.
  • Instant Notifications – Gives real-time email updates on the delivery which works well for businesses as well as their customers
  • Capable of tracking hundreds or thousands of drivers simultaneously
  • Track On The Go – Lets users access the vehicle’s dashboard on the smartphone, tablet or any web-enabled device
  • Affordably Priced – Tracks unlimited deliveries and PODs at a flat monthly fee of S$25 / driver.

“Detrack has helped us saved a significant amount of time and effort needed to keep track of our vehicles and deliveries. We are now more productive, have more control over our delivery operations and can react faster to road incidents.” stated Jenny Goh, General Manager of Kasey Crafts LLP.

Based in Singapore, Detrack Systems Pte. Ltd. has been founded by three enterprising individuals who aim to make logistics operations better, quicker and more cost effective. The company has created two revolutionary solutions, namely, a route planning and optimization tool for Singapore businesses and Detrack, a vehicle tracking and proof of delivery system.

Media Contact:
Name: Dason Goh
Phone: (+65) 8123 8588



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