How To Use the Search Feature For Notification

This article is regarding the use of the search feature for Notifications. Steps Navigate to Settings > Notifications. Navigate to Notification Settings to find the Search form. Available Searches Field Description Job Type Refers to the Job Type selection of the notification. Job Delivery Collection Groups Refers to the Group of the notification. Text Refers […]

List of Job Variables For Your Email Or Text/SMS Notifications

Below is a list of job variables that can be inserted into your emails or text / SMS for sending the notifications. Kindly note that the job variables are case-sensitive, i.e. there is a need to use the exact word e.g. {{name}} in your template notification. Other variations such as {{Name}}, {{NAME}}, {{nAME}}} etc. will […]

How To Set Notifications For Different Groups

You can several Groups for your customers to receive the notifications. Only jobs belonging to the related Group will receive the notification according to the setup. Steps Navigate to Users > Groups. Click on the Add Group button to add some Groups. Navigate to Settings > Notification > Notification Settings. Whenever you add or edit […]

How To Enable The Sending Of Text / SMS During A Certain Time Window

To avoid disturbing your customers, there is a feature in Detrack that will permit the sending of SMS / text notifications during a specified time range. This tutorial will show you the steps to allow SMS messages to be sent out in the time range of 8 am to 10 pm. SMS notifications out of […]

How To Insert Company Logo In Email Notifications

This tutorial is about the inserting your company’s logo in the signature portion of the email notifications. How To Obtain Image Logo URL Go to your company website > Locate the company logo. Right click on your company logo > Click Copy Image Address. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Email Settings. In the Signature […]

How To Link Directly To Track And Trace (Tracking Widget)

Note: this is an advanced tutorial which may require some knowledge of programming or HTML. Please consult your programmer or webmaster if you require assistance in setting up the direct link. If you would like to email your customers the tracking link instead of directing them to go to your website and look for the […]

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