How To Link Directly To Track And Trace (Tracking Widget)

Note: this is an advanced tutorial which may require some knowledge of programming or HTML. Please consult your programmer or webmaster if you require assistance in setting up the direct link.

If you would like to email your customers the tracking link instead of directing them to go to your website and look for the tracking widget, there are two ways of doing it.

Method #1

The first method is to simply include the direct link to your Tracking Widget in your order notification email to your customers. Your customers can then click on the link in the email to open your Tracking Widget page.

Method #2

The second method, while more complex to setup, makes it much easier for your customers to track.

By customizing your direct Tracking Widget link, you can personalize the link for each of your customers so that they can open the link directly to track their deliveries without even having to enter the tracking no. or their email address.

Usually, your Tracking Widget link would look like:

Now we can extend it by adding ?q= to the end of the link to look like:

At this point, we can then add the tracking no. (D.O. No. or custom Tracking No.) to the end of the link to make it a direct link (assuming tracking no. is 8901234):

The link above is already complete – if you click directly into the link it will show the tracking status for the tracking no. 8901234 without having to enter it manually. Now, if you require Email Address / Phone No. for your Tracking Widget, you have to add &e= to the end of the link:

Next, we can add either the Email Address or the Phone No. to the end of the link to make it a direct link (assuming email address is jennylim@company.com:

The link above now is now a direct link complete with tracking no. and email address.

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