Frequently Asked Questions

Our Detrack app can run on any Android phone installed with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher.
Yes. Detrack supports delivery items and you can specify SKU, description and quantity for every item.
Detrack has been global-ready as early as 2014. This means that you can use Detrack to track your vehicles and deliveries in any country around the world. Our Detrack app is translated into more than 20 languages, and our solution is being used in more than 40 countries including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, Netherlands, Germany, and many more!
Yes. The instant email notification sent to you will contain an approximate location where your driver submitted the POD. It will show the address, latitude, longitude and a link to a map indicating the location.
Yes. You will be notified of both successful and unsuccessful deliveries. You will be notified instantly via email upon delivery completion, successful or not. You will also know approximately where the driver submitted the POD.
Yes. The instant email notification sent to your customer will contain the delivery address, the delivery status time and the location the POD is submitted. There are several options available to customize your POD including the option to hide fields that you do not need. If you do not wish for your customer to see the location where your driver submitted the POD, you can choose to hide this field by disabling it in Settings.
Yes. You can choose to notify your customers in the event of an unsuccessful delivery. You can customize the text / email content to suit each status; delivered, unsuccessful, partial etc. In Detrack, you can select from 7 delivery milestones and customize your own notifications to your customers.
The tracking functionality in our app is designed to be as discreet as possible so unless you reveal it to your drivers, it is unlikely that they will be aware that they are being tracked just by using the app. However, due to regulations imposed by Google (for Android) and Apple (for iOS), mobile applications cannot do covert tracking without knowledge of the phone’s owners, meaning no apps should be allowed to run in the background without permissions granted.