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How To Add A Delivery

This article will show the steps to create a delivery job via the job form.


  1. Click on Jobs > Deliveries.
  2. Select the date of the delivery.
  3. Click the Add Delivery button to reveal a job form.
  4. Enter the information.
  5. Click the Add Item button to add entries into the Item Details section.
  6. Click Save when done.
Field Description
Date Date to perform the delivery.
D.O. No. The delivery order number or any ID that uniquely identifies the delivery.
Deliver To Recipient’s name. This can be an individual name or a company name or both e.g. Dason Goh (Detrack Systems Pte. Ltd.).
Address Location of the delivery.
Job Time Time when the delivery should be made.
Tracking No. Identifier for the delivery.
Phone No. Contact number of the recipient.
Notify email Email address of recipient.
Instructions Information regarding the delivery.
Assign To Vehicle for performing the job.
Field Description
SKU Stock keeping unit number.
Item Description Information regaring the item.
Quantity Number of item.

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