Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Every delivery is differentiated by delivery order number and recipient name. As your driver is reaching the delivery location, all deliveries at that location will be moved to the top of the list in the app. Once all deliveries have been completed, all your driver needs to do is to tap and confirm the deliveries at the top of the list (identifiable by D.O. number and recipient name).
No, there's no need to. We’ve designed Detrack to be as simple as possible so that you do not need to go through the hassles of integrating different systems just to start tracking your deliveries. You can simply use our web forms to add your deliveries or import your manifest file (CSV / Excel format) into our system. You can then export your PODs in PDF, Excel or CSV. If you wish for more automation, you can always integrate your system with Detrack via our Application Programming Interface (API).
No, there's no need to print any barcode or QR code on your invoices, delivery orders or waybills. Detrack works out of the box on its own, allowing your drivers to easily identify and submit POD for every delivery with just a few taps. If you already have barcodes / QR codes printed, Detrack will also be able to work with them seamlessly.
Yes, if you provide third party logistics services or deliver for/to regular business customers, you can create a Detrack sub-user client login with restricted access and data segregation (using Groups) for them to be able to log in to their own Detrack dashboard. They will be able to get updates on delivery statuses as well as search and download historic PODs belonging to them.
Yes. Our API is designed to be ready for third party logistics service providers (3PLs) to feedback job statuses (via webhooks or individual API access) to different customers' systems so that your customers will also receive real-time delivery updates in their system. In fact, many of our 3PLs have won contracts because of this capability.
Our Detrack app uses the highly accurate GPS satellites to pinpoint the locations of your vehicles with a guaranteed accuracy of up to 50m. In actual use, the accuracy is usually better at around 10m ~ 20m.
You can deploy Detrack across your entire fleet of drivers in as soon as today! All you need is to register for a free account, download our Detrack app from App Store or Google Play, add your devices and deliveries, and you can start tracking right away!
We understand that mobile data can be costly in some countries and that is why every effort has been made to minimize the amount of data used by our Detrack app. You can click here to view some estimates.
You will be notified instantly via email when a delivery is completed, no matter if it is successful or not. At the same time, you will be able to see the delivery being updated live (no refreshing needed) on the deliveries screen, color-coded to reflect the delivery status.
No. Our application-level data segregation and security ensures that you can only see the deliveries you add for your drivers, regardless of whether they are delivering for another company i.e. other companies can only see their own deliveries. However, you will still be able to track the driver’s location, speed and distance.