Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can use apps such as Perfect App Protector to lock down the Android phone so that your driver can only use our Detrack app. The app can lock the phone’s ability to surf Internet, download apps, send SMS, make calls, etc.
Yes. You can send delivery updates to more than one email for your own staff i.e. your customer service officer, operations manager, logistics supervisor, etc. All the relevant parties, as defined by you, can receive the updates automatically.
Yes. If you wish to turn off delivery notifications to your customer, you can simply leave the email address field (“Notify email”) empty when you add the delivery. This also means that you can choose whether to notify the customer for every delivery.
Yes, most definitely. You can use Detrack for both vehicle tracking and proof of delivery or just vehicle tracking alone. Using Detrack for vehicle tracking only is as simple as downloading the app, adding your device to your dashboard, and you can start tracking your vehicle right away.
Yes. You can use Detrack's Marketplace feature to push out all available jobs to your entire fleet of drivers to "grab". Your drivers will receive a push notification when there are new jobs up for grabs. Optionally, you can also tag a price to each job for your drivers' reference. Once a job has been grabbed, it will be automatically assigned to the driver.
Yes. Our Detrack Android app is designed to work on both camera and non-camera phones (usually meant for use in high security establishments). However, photo PODs will be disabled for non-camera phones. Note: you can still capture recipient signatures with non-camera phones.
Yes. It is possible to re-assign a delivery from one driver to another even while they are on the road. Re-assigned deliveries may take up to 2 minutes to be reflected on the devices. Drivers who receive a new delivery or have a delivery removed from their list will receive a push notification to inform them of the change.
Yes. Detrack allows you to enter delivery details such as D.O. #, address, recipient name, delivery time window, instructions and delivery items (including SKU, description, quantity). Your driver will be able to record any item rejection or remarks regarding the delivery and capture signature / photo POD and send them back to your Detrack dashboard for instant updates.
It may take up to 2 minutes (usually shorter) for newly added deliveries or changes to appear in your driver’s Detrack app. For bulk uploads or edits i.e. via CSV import or API, it may take a couple more minutes.
Yes. You can export all the PODs in a PDF document where you can choose to print out on paper or save the electronic version for archiving. Each POD will show the delivery details, the captured signature / photo and the reasons for partial or unsuccessful deliveries.