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Revolutionizing Logistics with Detrack

supply chain

In Supply Chain Management (SCM), the intricate web of processes demands seamless coordination and transparency. Detrack, a distinguished consultancy and solutions provider, is a beacon of innovation in this domain. 

Through a recent interview with Calvin Anthony, the company’s founder leveraging Detrack’s solutions, we dive deep into the challenges, objectives, and transformative impact of Detrack’s implementation.

About CAnthony SCM

CAnthony SCM specializes in supply chain management solutions, emphasizing the pivotal role of people in organizational success. They start by thoroughly assessing current operations and identifying inefficiencies and areas for improvement. 

Collaborating closely with clients, they define success and develop strategic roadmaps aligned with business objectives. Their focus on streamlining processes and implementing innovative solutions enhances visibility and efficiency across the supply chain. 

CAnthony SCM offers comprehensive training to empower team members with the skills needed for execution. They foster a culture of continuous improvement, monitoring metrics and integrating new ideas. With a track record spanning multiple industries, their commitment to excellence and leadership development drives sustainable growth. 

The Challenge

Operating within a dynamic Multi-Vendor Network utilizing 4PLs for final mile logistics posed many challenges. 

The core issue centered around the precise confirmation of material delivery and timing, which is quintessential for maintaining operational efficiency and meeting customer expectations. 

Precision and accuracy are non-negotiable in a landscape where every delay or discrepancy can ripple across the entire supply chain.

supply chain

Goals & Objectives

The company’s overarching goal was to furnish a clear and comprehensive view of activities for customers and associated partners. 

This aspiration stemmed from recognizing the importance of transparency and collaboration in modern supply chain dynamics. 

By enhancing visibility into operations, the company aimed to foster stronger relationships with stakeholders and elevate service quality.

Research & Consideration

Detrack emerged as the prime candidate for addressing the company’s intricate logistical challenges. Choosing Detrack was smooth but resulted from meticulous research and consideration. 

Beyond Detrack, no other product or service could match its dynamic scalability, offering a blend of private and open-source coding options coupled with robust segregation of duties—a trifecta of qualities deemed essential for tackling the company’s operational complexities. 

The journey to discover Detrack involved extensive web research, during which time its reputation for ease of implementation, mobile friendliness, and comprehensive reporting capabilities shone brightly among its competitors.


The implementation of Detrack marked a significant milestone in the company’s pursuit of logistical excellence. With training guides provided by Detrack serving as a compass, the company embarked on an internal journey of preparation and readiness. 

From aligning internal requirements to meticulously planning the rollout strategy, every step was executed precisely and purposefully. Despite the inherent complexities of integrating a new system into existing operations, the process unfolded seamlessly, taking approximately 90 days from inception to full deployment. 

Notably, the absence of significant difficulties during this period underscored Detrack’s user-friendly interface and the company’s proactive approach to change management.

supply chain


The implementation of Detrack heralded a new era of efficiency and transparency for the company. The benefits derived were multifaceted, permeating across all facets of operations. Enhanced collaboration emerged as a cornerstone, facilitated by the platform’s ability to allocate different roles and access levels to users, thereby streamlining communication and information sharing. 

Moreover, integrating photo documentation enhanced safety measures, providing visual cues for training, development, and continuous improvement initiatives. 

Quality assurance witnessed a substantial uplift, with accurate delivery tracking ensuring timely and precise execution. Operational efficiency was substantially boosted through driver tracking, scheduling optimization, and robust reporting mechanisms. 

These quantifiable benefits underscored Detrack’s pivotal role in driving tangible improvements in safety, quality, and efficiency metrics, thus fortifying the company’s competitive edge in the market.


CAnthony SCM is a testament to innovative solutions’ transformative power in modern SCM practices. By confronting challenges head-on and prioritizing transparency and efficiency, businesses can navigate the complexities of the supply chain landscape with confidence and resilience. 

As Calvin Anthony, the company’s founder, aptly summarizes, Detrack offers solutions that address immediate logistical needs and underpin crucial elements such as safety, quality, efficiency, sustainability, innovation, flexibility, and collaboration—each indispensable for achieving enduring supply chain success.


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