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Lending A Helping Hand To Project R.I.C.E.+ 2020

lending a helping hand to R.I.C.E

So, when Singapore Red Cross approached us to help out with their Project R.I.C.E.+ for 2020, we were more than happy to provide them assistance, any way we can.

Detrack has always prided ourselves as a solution that provide businesses of any size, anywhere in the world, access to the most innovative and affordable technology to power their last mile deliveries.
Of course, that includes non-profit organizations as well. So, when Singapore Red Cross approached us to help out with their Project R.I.C.E.+ for 2020, we were more than happy to provide them assistance, any way we can.

Project R.I.C.E.+

Project R.I.C.E.+ is an annual, nation-wide collection and distribution drive championed by youth leaders from Singapore Red Cross, to bring food and daily essentials to vulnerable families. It stands for:

  • Raise awareness of food insecurity
  • Inculcate compassion and volunteerism among the volunteers
  • Care and concern for the less privileged
  • Extend a helping hand
  • + Providing more than rice
Project R.I.C.E.+ is a collection & distribution drive
Project R.I.C.E.+ is a collection & distribution drive

Nice to meet you

The Project R.I.C.E.+ team, who were made up of mainly students and members of the Red Cross Youth Chapters (RCYC), dropped by our office months earlier to familiarize themselves with our solution.
Project Directors for the 2020 campaign, May, Samantha, and Xin Shuai, shared with us the various process of the whole project. They also explained the logistics part of Project R.I.C.E+, and how they planned to use Detrack.

The Project R.I.C.E.+ team visiting Detrack
The Project R.I.C.E.+ team visiting Detrack

After much discussion regarding how Detrack can simplify the planning process of the project (we also suggested the use of ElasticRoute to help plan their collection routes), we had a clearer picture of the entire campaign.

Bundles of love

After the Planning Phase was completed, it was time for the Supermarket Phase. Due to COVID-19, this phase of the project which usually involves the project committee, along with volunteers, stationing themselves outside various supermarket outlets to funds for the bundle sets, was conducted virtually.
Donors could pick and purchase between 3 different sets of bundles, each containing various food items and household essentials i.e. Bundle Set A includes items like detergent powder and toothbrushes, while you can find items like cooking oil and rice in Bundle Set B.

Doing our part

Next up, the Packing & Distribution Phase, which took place on 12th and 19th December 2020. This is the most exciting phase for us personally at Detrack as everyone in the office could get hands on in helping.
Prior to the dates, we were all allocated to different groups, which was a mix of someone from Detrack and volunteers from Red Cross. Each group was then assigned with their own set of addresses and the routes to take.

Project R.I.C.E.+ items to be packed
The various items to be packed

On Distribution Day, we all gathered at the Singapore Red Cross campsite early morning to get going. After quick introductions between everyone involved and a briefing by the project committee, it was time to get moving.

Project R.I.C.E.+ Bundle Sets A, B, and C
Bundle Sets A, B, and C

Each group had their own vehicle for the day (some were even assigned to an ambulance!), as they made their distribution rounds all over Singapore. While doing deliveries on a Saturday may not sound like the most exciting plan, being involved in a charitable event like Project R.I.C.E.+ always feel good. Any complains anyone had throughout the day instantly dissipated every time we made a delivery and the faces of the beneficiaries light up when receiving the various bundles.

Delivering bundles of joy
Delivering bundles of joy
Johnny hard at work for Project R.I.C.E.+
Johnny hard at work

Hard work for a great cause

When both Distribution Days were over, we were informed that 25,000 Bundle Sets were delivered to approximately 25,000 beneficiaries all over the country. Astonishing.
All of us at Detrack had such an amazing time throughout the entire project and it was such a rewarding experience for all involved. Our time and effort were definitely spent for on a good cause, and we would not hesitate to do it again.
A huge shoutout to the Project R.I.C.E.+ committee for giving us the opportunity to get involved. You guys are the best.

Peace out, Project R.I.C.E.+
Peace out, Project R.I.C.E.+

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