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iAdvisory Seminar at IE Singapore

Sharing by Microsoft, Qualcomm, HRM Labs and Boon Software on the benefits of moving onto Cloud
International Enterprise (IE) Singapore – Driving Singapore’s External Economy

On the 7th September 2016, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore – the government agency promoting international trade and partnering Singapore companies in going global – held a seminar with the objective of sharing how cloud technology can be deployed to help traditional or non-tech companies scale more effectively regionally.

Detrack was invited to share our cloud-based vehicle tracking and proof of delivery solution with the seminar attendees. Besides sharing our solution, we were also very interested in learning more about what the seminar could offer and here’s a quick walkthrough of the interesting takeaways. The advantage of moving onto Cloud is immense.

The seminar was intended to simplify the technical as IE Singapore wants to help businesses from various sectors understand more about what Cloud Computing is about in general.

As a form of Internet-based computing where the user stores and processes data over the Internet on demand instead of the user’s computer, moving onto Cloud offers local companies both new productivity tools to optimize their overseas operations and also new business models for providing services to clients.

Cloud platforms provide businesses the ability to expand much more efficiently, allowing new companies to internationalize rapidly and seamlessly.

Studies have shown that an estimated 78% of Small businesses in the USA will adopt Cloud solutions by 2020, up from 37% in 2015, and local companies wanting to know more precisely how to adopt this new technology and transform their businesses benefitted tremendously from attending the seminar.

Sharing by Microsoft, Qualcomm, HRM Labs and Boon Software on the benefits of moving onto Cloud

Attendees of the seminar learned why so many businesses were adapting their operations to Cloud, and how they were making this transition. They also learned how adapting to the Cloud could improve the capabilities of businesses to internationalize. Key Speaker: Mr. Borko Kovacevic, Business Group Lead for Information Worker, Microsoft

The beginning of the seminar saw Mr. Borko Kovacevic share with the crowd how a Modern Workplace is changing work and business landscape and how Microsoft is not only keeping pace with the changes but investing into the future to anticipate and take advantage of them. He also understood and discussed the initial reluctance of businesses when making the decision to move onto Cloud.

Kovacevic noted, “People don’t like change. That’s a fact. When something new is introduced, the question will always be, ‘why should I use this? I’m more used to my usual interface’.”

Kovacevic explained that people must first understand how relevant Cloud technology is for their businesses, and should make the switch on the right context. They might even take small steps when moving onto Cloud, to help them gain a better understanding of how the technology works.

Attendees had the opportunity to network and learn from relevant companies who could assist them
Team Detrack showing everyone how simple our software and app was to implement

The attendees were mostly from general SMEs and businesses from all sectors including retail, F&B, manufacturing, infrastructure and logistics.

IE Singapore had invited Team Detrack to the event as an exhibitor with the goal of enlisting us to explain to the crowd how a Software as a Service (SaaS) could be cost-saving, yet much more effective. We shared with the business representatives at the event, how Detrack could automate the providence of last mile visibility to their end customers with their own fleet or even having a mixed fleet (own plus outsourced).

It was certainly a fruitful event, and we have IE Singapore to thank for the kind invite.

Team Detrack always ready to help local companies make their last mile delivery a total breeze

To sum up the seminar, IE Singapore wanted local companies to understand that Cloud Computing and internationalization are clearly linked. Cloud users are more likely to be internationalized than non-cloud users, and to have entered or plan to enter additional overseas markets.

Team Detrack was more than happy to do our part in helping local businesses. And last but not least, a big shout-out to IE Singapore for hosting such a helpful and interesting seminar.


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