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ElasticRoute Will Save The World. First Up, IoT Asia 2019

elasticroute on computer screen

ElasticRoute will empower businesses across the globe with world class route optimization capabilities.

Jumping at the chance

We have been taking our time choosing which conferences to attend this year. But, when Detrack was invited to be a part of IoT Asia 2019, we jumped at the chance to showcase our latest feature at this award-winning event.
Detrack launching ElasticRoute at IoT Asia 2019

The 6th edition

With its inaugural show taking place all the way back in 2014, IoT Asia has become the region’s leading platform dedicated in creating collaboration and knowledge sharing opportunities in the Internet of Things value chain.

The number of people gracing IoT Asia conferences is always massive. Along with 180 exhibitors, this year’s event is already expecting over 8,000 attendees!

IoT Asia 2019 promises to be an enriching learning and sharing experience for everyone involved.

Extra excited

We’re super stoked every time we attend an event, but we’re extra excited for IoT Asia because:

  1. This will be Detrack’s first appearance at IoT Asia
  2. Fanny, our COO & Co-Founder, is on the list of esteemed speakers
  3. We’re launching ElasticRoute, a vehicle route optimization feature

Join us on 26-27 March 2019 at Singapore EXPO and be one of the first to sign up for ElasticRoute!

Don’t miss out

Can’t make it to the IoT Asia event? Don’t worry, you can still sign up for an ElasticRoute account today to start planning the most optimized stops for your delivery business.


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