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Detrack Is Certified bizSAFE Level 3

workplace safety and health

As a company, Detrack have always placed great emphasis on workplace safety and health as the well-being of our employees is a top priority. To ensure that Detrack complies with the very best industry standards, we embarked on getting certified for bizSAFE Level 3.
bizSAFE is a nationally recognized capability building programme designed to assist businesses build up their workplace safety and health capabilities in order to achieve a total improvement in safety and health standards at the workplace.
We are proud to announce that Detrack is recognized as a bizSAFE Level 3 enterprise since 31st October 2019.

Detrack Is Certified bizSAFE Level 3Detrack’s commitment to workplace safety and health

As a recognized bizSAFE Level 3 company, Detrack is fully committed to workplace safety and health and we can assure you that we will take a proactive approach to ensure workplace safety while we fulfill our business requirements to you.
For any bizSAFE-related enquiries, please get in touch with Detrack’s Safety Officer:
Joshua Lau (Mr.)

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If you’re looking for a delivery management software that is bizSAFE certified, check out Detrack today.


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