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ART Kit Result Submission Using The Detrack App


The Covid-19 cases here are rising at an alarming rate despite Singapore being a population that is over 80% vaccinated. We’ll have a tough path to tread as we adapt to different methods to try living with the virus as a Covid-19 resilient nation.

Weekly Antigen Rapid Testing (ART) in the workplace

Aside from enforcing stringent rules and having Contact Tracing in place to help contain the spread, the government has also rolled out an 8-week Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) for workplaces with employees that are required to work onsite.
Companies are able to apply for 8 ART kits per employee. Companies will be required to submit these result declarations at the end of each month’s testing cycle to the government.
As companies will be required to collect proofs of the ART results, most will ask their employees to take a picture and send it over to the respective HR or Operations team for consolidation.
This contributes to a messy workflow in the data collection and storing process as there can be up to more than a hundred of results collected.

Art Submission Using The Detrack App
Art Submission Using The Detrack App Video on Vimeo

How will using Detrack benefit you?

What if there’s an easier way to collect the data from all your employees?
You would be able to schedule the ART as ‘Jobs’ to all employees and they could complete it throughout the week. You would then be able to monitor these jobs all from the Detrack dashboard.
The best part? All results will be sent automatically as an Electronic Proof of Delivery (E-POD) once the job has been marked complete.
You would be able to download the results with ease when its time for submission to the government. You’ll also have access to past results as all data will be stored on cloud for 5 years.
Instructions can also be set to appear as notes on these jobs. This allows your employees to have a clear understanding of the steps needed to complete their ART result submission.

Find out more

Here is a video guide on submitting the ART Results using Detrack that you could also share with your employees. Feel free to contact us today if you would like to find out more on how Detrack can benefit you.


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