Frequently Asked Questions

You can always contact us for any questions you may have regarding our service. However if you need some really quick answers, do check out our FAQs below.

Yes. The latest versions of Detrack iOS and Android apps are able to scan QR codes and barcodes for every delivery and for every item of the delivery. The QR code / barcode contents will be captured and sent back together with the POD.

Yes, in fact we have many clients using Detrack for Proof Of Service. Our app can capture the arrival time (or start time) and multiple photos for proof of work done. For example, you can capture the time you started work, photos before and after the delivery of your work, and finally the delivery time and signature of your customer upon completion of work. All these will be reflected in the POD with which you can use for invoicing your customers.

Yes. You can refer to our tutorials or download our Detrack Driver’s Guide in PDF here.

As of 01 Jan 2014, Detrack is global-ready. This means that you can use Detrack to track your vehicles and deliveries in any country around the world. Our address recognition and map coverage are now worldwide and therefore will likely be able to work in your country. Detrack is currently being used in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Dubai, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Netherlands, Nigeria and more!

Yes. Detrack supports delivery items and you can specify SKU, description and quantity for every item.

Yes. Detrack allows you to enter delivery details such as D.O. #, address, recipient name, delivery time window, instructions and delivery items (including SKU, description, quantity). Your driver will be able to record any item rejection or remarks regarding the delivery and capture signature / photo POD and send them back to your Detrack dashboard for instant updates.

Yes. You can export all the PODs in a PDF document where you can choose to print or save for archiving. Each POD will show the delivery details, the captured signature / photo and the reasons for partial or unsuccessful deliveries.

Yes. Every delivery is differentiated by delivery order number and recipient name. As your driver is reaching the delivery location, all deliveries at that location will be moved to the top of the list in the app. And once all deliveries have been completed, all your driver needs to do is to tap and confirm the deliveries at the top of the list (identifiable by D.O. number and recipient name).

It may take up to 2 minutes for newly added deliveries or changes to appear in your driver’s Detrack app. For bulk uploads or edits i.e. via CSV import or API, it may take longer than 2 minutes.

Yes. It is possible to reassign a delivery from one driver to another even while they are on the roads. Reassigned deliveries may take up to 2 minutes to be reflected on the devices.

A third-party login functionality is currently being built and is projected to be ready before the end of Q1 2014. This platform will be made available to all our users at no additional cost.

No. Our application-level security ensures that you can only see the deliveries you add for your drivers, regardless of whether they are delivering for another company i.e. other companies can only see their own deliveries. However, you will still be able to track the driver’s location, speed and distance.

We understand that mobile data can be costly in some countries and that is why every effort has been made to minimize the amount of data used by our Detrack app. You can click here to view some estimates.

Like most other apps, Detrack requires Internet connectivity to work and any SIM card with 3G / 4G (LTE) data plan will be able to run Detrack.

Our Detrack app can run on any Android phone installed with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher. However, we recommend at least Android 4.0 i.e. Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), Jelly Bean (4.1, 4.2, 4.3), KitKat (4.4), etc. or higher for more reliable performance.

Yes. You can use free apps such as Perfect App Protector (recommended), AppLock or Smart App Protector to lock down the Android phone to be able to only use our Detrack app. These apps can lock the phone’s ability to surf Internet, download apps, send SMS, make calls, etc.

Yes. Our Detrack Android app is designed to work on both camera and non-camera phones (usually meant for use in high security establishments). However, photo PODs will be disabled for non-camera phones. Note: you can still capture recipient signatures with non-camera phones.

To be able to use our Detrack app, your device needs to have mobile data e.g. 3G, HSDPA, HSPA, EDGE, LTE, etc. and GPS capabilities (the camera function is optional). That is why we currently support only smartphones, which have most of the capabilities required.

Our admin dashboard supports Internet Explorer (version 8 and above), Safari, Chrome, Firefox, iPhone / iPad (iOS) and Android web browsers.

Yes most definitely. You can use Detrack for both vehicle tracking and proof of delivery or just vehicle tracking alone. Using Detrack for vehicle tracking only is as simple as downloading the app, adding your device to your dashboard and you can start tracking right away.

Our Detrack app uses the highly accurate GPS satellites to pinpoint the locations of your vehicles with a guaranteed accuracy of up to 50m. In actual use, the accuracy is usually better at around 10m ~ 20m.

The tracking functionality in our app is designed to be as discreet as possible so unless you reveal it to your drivers, it is unlikely that they will be aware that they are being tracked just by using the app.

There is practically no limit to the number of drivers you can track at any one point in time. From one to ten or hundreds or even thousands of drivers, just add your drivers as you grow and Detrack will track them all for you.

You will be notified instantly via email when a delivery is completed, no matter if it is successful or not. At the same time, you will be able to see the delivery being updated live (no refreshing needed) on the deliveries screen, color-coded to reflect the delivery status.

Yes. You can send delivery updates to more than one email for your own staff i.e. your customer service officer, operations manager, logistics supervisor, etc. However, you can send delivery updates to only one customer email per delivery.

Yes. The instant email notification sent to you will contain an approximate location where your driver submitted the POD. It will show the address, latitude, longitude and a link to a map indicating the location.

No. The instant email notification sent to your customer will only contain the delivery address, the delivery status and the time the POD is submitted. If you wish to let your customers know where your drivers submit the PODs, please let us know and we will work towards making it an option available to you.

Yes. You will be notified of both successful and unsuccessful deliveries. You will be notified instantly via email upon delivery completion, successful or not. You will also know approximately where the driver submitted the POD.

No. Currently we will only notify your customer if delivery is successful. Please let us know if you wish to notify your customers of unsuccessful deliveries and we will make it an option available to you as soon as possible.

Yes. If you wish to turn off delivery notification to your customer, you can simply leave the email address field (“Notify email”) empty when you add the delivery. This also means that you can choose whether to notify the customer for every delivery.

No. Your drivers can submit PODs with or without signatures / photos. While it is much easier for your drivers to submit PODs without signatures / photos, your drivers can still easily capture customer signature or take photos from within our app if you need them to. You can also make capturing signature mandatory for both deliveries and collections before POD can be submitted.

Yes. Detrack allows drivers to enter remarks or take notes for any delivery and they will be submitted together with the POD captured back to the Detrack dashboard in real-time.

No. There is no need to print any barcode or QR code on your invoices, delivery orders or waybills. Detrack works out of the box on its own, allowing your drivers to easily identify and submit POD for every delivery with just a few taps. If you already have barcodes / QR codes printed, Detrack will also be able to work with them seamlessly.

No. We’ve designed Detrack to be as simple as possible so that you do not need to go through the hassles of integrating different systems just to start tracking your deliveries. You can simply use our web forms to add your deliveries or import your manifest file (CSV format) into our system. You can then export your PODs in PDF, Excel or CSV. If you wish for more automation, you can always integrate your system with Detrack via our Application Programming Interface (API).

Detrack offers an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows developers to integrate Detrack with their existing systems. You can learn more about our API here or contact Dason Goh for assistance on systems integration.

You can deploy Detrack across your entire fleet of drivers in as soon as today! All you need is to register for a free account, download our Detrack app from App Store or Google Play, add your devices and deliveries, and you can start tracking right away!

Yes of course! You get the full featured vehicle tracking and proof of delivery solution free for your first driver — with no strings attached. And even as you grow your fleet, your first driver will always remain free.

Yes. Our price plans are contract-free and you may cancel your subscription anytime without penalty, though any remaining unused license period will not be refunded.

We accept cash, checks (“cheques”) and all major debit / credit cards via PayPal. Note: You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with your card. Cash and check payments are only available to customers based in Singapore.

Yes. All you need to do is to remove the current device in your admin dashboard before adding a new one and you will not be charged for the new driver. Alternatively, you can simply change the Detrack ID of your vehicle. There is no limit to the number of drivers you can change.

We serve an international client base out of our headquarters in Singapore — a sunny island located in the Asia Pacific. We are a registered company with the ACRA (registration number: 201313398G) in the Republic of Singapore.