How To Set Up Customer’s Tap To Track (Tracking Widget – New Version)

The tracking widget can be used to let your customers track the status of their delivery / collection via the D.O. No. or Tracking No.. This tracking widget can be embedded into your website for your customers to track their delivery. Settings In your admin dashboard, navigate to Settings > Tracking Widget. General Field Description […]

How To Use The Estimated Time of Arrival ETA On The Tracking Widget

The ETA Time and Live ETA can be used to inform your customer of the scheduled timings for your deliveries. ETA Time is the estimated time of arrival that the driver will reached the customer’s place; whereas Live ETA is the adjusted estimated time of arrival taking by taking reference from the last POD time […]

How To Let Your Customers Leave Feedback Automatically

The article is for your customers to rate and leave their feedback on your service/driver automatically after your driver has completed the job. Steps Activate the option to provide feedback feature for the Tap-To-Track tracking widget. Go to Settings and click on Job. Click on the Fields tab. Scroll down and check the box for […]

How To Let Customer Rate And Leave Feedback On Your Product And Service

If you would like your customers to rate and leave their feedback on your service/driver after your driver has completed the job, you may do so on the tracking widget: Steps Go to Settings > Job. Click on Fields tab. Scroll down and enable Goods / Service Rating, Drivers Rating and Customer Feedback. Click Save. […]

How To Use Aftership To Track Your Deliveries

Aftership is a shipment tracking and notification application supporting over 300 couriers that helps users around the world to track their delivery. Detrack has integrated with Aftership and now you can use Aftership to track Detrack deliveries. Learn how you can benefit from using Aftership here. To let your customers or your staff use Aftership […]

How To Create A Login For Your Client

Note: This process can only be performed by the Detrack Owner account. Creating a Login for your Client Steps Log in to your Detrack dashboard. Click on the Users tab and click on Add Users. Enter their Name, Email, Group (Optional) and Role. Set the Permissions and click Save. Creating a Group for each of […]

How To Let Your Customer Track Your Driver Delivering To Them On The Map

When your customers use Tap To Track custom tracking link, they will be able to see the visuals of the driver icon moving live on the map towards their delivery address as well as the dynamic ETA; starting from when the drivers are heading to their address. The steps below will give you a better […]

How To Link Directly To Track And Trace (Tracking Widget)

Note: this is an advanced tutorial which may require some knowledge of programming or HTML. Please consult your programmer or webmaster if you require assistance in setting up the direct link. If you would like to email your customers the tracking link instead of directing them to go to your website and look for the […]