How To Use Aftership To Track Your Deliveries

Aftership is a shipment tracking and notification application supporting over 300 couriers that helps users around the world to track their delivery. Detrack has integrated with Aftership and now you can use Aftership to track Detrack deliveries. Learn how you can benefit from using Aftership here. To let your customers or your staff use Aftership to track your Detrack job statuses, you need to enable Detrack No. (to be used as the tracking number). Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Job > Fields..
  2. Click on Field tab. Scroll down to Export Fields Configurations and check on Detrack No.

Get Detrack No. For Aftership Tracking via File Export

  1. Go to the day that you want to retrieve the Detrack No. for the jobs, click on Export button and select one of the options. Open the downloaded file and retrieve the Detrack No.
  2. Look for the Detrack No. column. Detrack No. usually starts with DET follow by seven digits example DET1234567.
  3. The Detrack No. will be used in Aftership to track the deliveries.

Get Detrack No. For Aftership Tracking In Dashboard

  1. Click on Jobs > Deliveries > Select a date.
  2. Look for the Detrack No.

Tracking In Aftership

  1. With the Detrack No., go to www.aftership.com
  2. Enter the Track and Notify box with the Detrack No., e.g. DET2036575 and click Track button.
  3. Select Detrack from the options given.
  4. The delivery status will be retrieved and shown on Aftership.

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