The Beginning Of A Beautiful Relationship With WooCommerce

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The Beginning Of A Beautiful Relationship With WooCommerce

On Aug 20, 2019, we will deprecate support for this open source WooCommerce plugin. There will be no future updates beyond version 1.6.4. If you are currently using the plugin, you should still be able to use it as per before. We recommend that if you wish to establish or continue to establish an integration between WooCommerce and Detrack, you can refer to our API documentation to build your own integration.

One is an e-commerce platform providing shop owners the control to sell anything, anywhere.

The other is a vehicle tracking and proof of delivery solution allowing shop owners to view the entire delivery process anytime, anywhere.

Together, they are an e-commerce shop owner’s dream come true.

And today, we are combining the extensive range and fully customizable features of both WooCommerce and Detrack to take online shopping experience to a whole new level – for both shop owners and their customers!

A plugin has been created to allow WooCommerce users to seamlessly integrate with Detrack!

The Man with the Plan

Having difficulty importing all the orders made from your store onto the Detrack dashboard, or simply spending too much time and effort handling the process manually?

Tired of not having an answer when your customers ask for their delivery status?

Detrack’s very own Software Engineer, Chester Koh, responded to the myriad of WooCommerce shop owners requesting for a more convenient and efficient method of exporting orders made from their store into their Detrack dashboard by creating a simple yet powerful plugin to help shop owners easily integrate WooCommerce with Detrack to simplify their operations.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and create your whole new online shopping experience today!

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