Issue 20 – Detrack Celebrates!

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Issue 20 – Detrack Celebrates!

We are celebrating the milestone of powering 1 million jobs in Detrack!

At the time of this publication, we are proud to announce we have tracked more than 65,335,447 locations, powered more than 1,027,335 jobs and sent 1,516,211 real-time proof of delivery notifications.

So What’s Coming? 

Next to follow, Detrack will automate the sending of emails / texts to recipients; pre-delivery, post deliveries or any milestone rule options you choose. You will be able to attach a link to the tracking page directly in the emails or text messages.

And to close the loop, your customers will soon be able to rate their delivery experience and even write a short feedback to you easily.

We also have in our treasure chest, a route optimization tool that will make the headaches of route planning for your fleet a thing of the past. Look out for our beta launch before the end of this month!

As we pop the champagne, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our users for giving us your strong vote of support.

You have made our journey starting from production in April 2014 very much worth the while.

Here’s a toast to last mile delivery automation!


Team Detrack

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