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Deliver Different 2017

Deliver Different – Commoditizing Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery is a beast.

Ask any retailer or third party logistic (3PL) provider and they will likely agree that the final mile of the supply chain is the most challenging and demanding, and almost impossible to tame.

Nasty surprises such as unexpected traffic conditions, vehicle breakdowns, and wrong addresses often lurk around the corner, ready to spring onto the unsuspecting dispatcher and throw a wrench into an otherwise perfectly planned day.

And that’s not all.

You have drivers who are not easy to manage, 3PLs who favor their bigger clients’ jobs over yours during peak season, and customers who can’t stop demanding for more visibility and accountability. Wait, have I mentioned drivers?

Luckily for many of us, it’s not the end of the world… just yet.

Probably driven by the boom in e-commerce around the world, there has been a rise in logistics solutions in the areas of route optimization, vehicle tracking, and proof of delivery in recent years — all promising to restore a little sanity to the last mile madness.

But what about the drivers, and the 3PLs whom we are so reliant on their tech to provide visibility?

Before delivery drones take commercial flight, and delivery trucks become fully autonomous, we can only continue to rely on our human drivers to complete the last mile for us.

However, this need not be painful.

Commoditizing Last Mile Delivery

Detrack not only wants to make last mile delivery a total breeze, but also aims to one day completely commoditize last mile delivery — allowing businesses to easily switch between drivers and even 3PLs seamlessly and yet still be able to provide a consistent level of visibility and customer service to all their customers.

Experiencing a surge in delivery volume? No problem — just grab drivers off the streets. Your 3PL just bailed on you for the upcoming peak season? No worries — just go talk to another — and your new 3PL don’t even need to have their own tech.

No matter which driver, or which 3PL shows up to pick up your goods, you can be sure that your customers will continue to enjoy the same delivery experience!

Sounds good?

Want to know how Detrack’s unique barcode scanning system and super-easy-to-use driver’s app can help you achieve this in just 3 simple steps? Get in touch today!


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