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The Year-End Celebrations Must Go On

detrack new year celebration

Every year, in a calendar full of events to look forward to at Detrack, our annual year-end celebration has to be the most anticipated one of all.

year end celebration

A time to wind down

From scrumptious buffet dinners at amazing restaurants to adrenaline-pumping lucky draws, the gathering at the end of each year is something everyone in the office is always excited for. The annual affair is one of the few times in a year all of us could relax and enjoy each other’s company outside the office.
And I reckon it’s the same everywhere else.
Most companies have a similar plan, where a reception is organized (annually, in most cases) to appreciate employees for the year. And just like Detrack, it’s surely a highly anticipated event.

Party pooper

But with COVID-19 throwing a giant wrench into everything in 2020, buffet dinners and mass celebrations everywhere were put on hold as safe distancing measures were universally implemented due to the pandemic.
So, what does this mean to year-end celebrations everywhere? Are they being postponed?
Unfortunately, for most companies, the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 meant staff appreciation dinners are rarely high up the list of priorities.

The show must go on

“It was crucial for us, the Co-Founders of Detrack, to show our staff how much their work throughout the year has been very much appreciated – regardless of the pandemic.”, our lovely COO, Fanny, announced.

Luckily for everyone in the office, we were assured early on that our year-end celebrations were going ahead as planned, albeit with a pandemic-related twist. Instead of organizing a huge buffet dinner along with the legendary lucky draws like previous years, we’re trying something different for 2020.

Fanny explained to everyone how the budget for the annual celebration was already set aside, and one way or another, it was going to be spent accordingly.

So, this year, multiple dinners were organized by the different departments i.e. Engineering going for sushi, Italian cuisine for Marketing etc. And because we’re a competitive bunch, the department with the most fun outing will get rewarded (as if the free food itself wasn’t enough of a reward).

Sure-win lucky draw

“Did they think we’d forget about the annual lucky draw?”

Still in appreciation mode, Fanny excitedly claimed that we’ll be taking the lucky draw for 2020 to a whole new level.

What’s in store for us, you ask?

From iPads to AirPods to a variety of high-end speakers, the sure-win lucky draw organized for team

Detrack this year has got the whole office absolutely buzzing.

Stay tune to see how our multiple dinners and the mega lucky draw unfolds. We can’t wait.

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If your business involves delivering goods that can used as prizes for lucky draws, 1. Thank you, you’re just like Santa Claus! 2. Contact us to find how you can make your entire last-mile delivery process a breeze.


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