Meet George, the World’s First Geocoding AI.

March 7, 2018

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Detrack introduced George, the world’s first Geocoding Artificial Intelligence algorithm on March 7th, 2018. It stands out as a forward-thinking and effective solution to the geocoding problem.

George has been developed with a particular focus on tackling the low success rates of geocoding addresses to make last mile delivery as seamless as possible. In particular, he can make an incredible difference in countries that are known to have poor geocoding success rates, for lack of infrastructures.

George gathers, cross reference and process complex information from a multitude of sources including data signals from drivers, through its algorithm in order to get to know accurate geocodes.

As with most advanced A.Is, George is also able to learn from his past interactions, specific drivers behavior to optimize the way he can recognize geocodes correctly, performing better and better through experience.

George marks the advent of a new era in last mile delivery. A self-learning A.I can reduce errors and be the bridge for businesses to access and utilize technology that were inaccessible before this, therefore helping businesses save on time and significantly cut their operating costs and the resources they need to spend to make last mile operations more efficient, faster and cheaper.

He keeps learning as he goes, but he was gifted with a massive head start, thanks to a database with more than 14 million completed jobs and hundreds and millions of location data points. However, he will never stop collecting new information and identifying new locations to be run through his algorithm. The power of George lies is in the massive value of sharing and scaling knowledge to map and geocode the world where no other system can.

Find out more about what George can offer here.


Dason Goh

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