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Issue 8 – Do You Need More Job Statuses?

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Hi there,
It is our goal to never stop bringing more value to our users and right now, we are working on several improvements to both our mobile and web app. One of them is to increase the number job (delivery & collection) statuses that Detrack can support.
For this, we need your input to let us know what you think about the new job statutes and what other statutes will be useful for your operations. Currently, we have the following job statuses for Delivery and
1) In Progress
2) Delivered / Collected
3) Partial
4) Not Delivered / Not Collected
We are looking to add more job statuses such as Scheduled and Loading or any other statuses that you may need in your operations.
If you are already very happy with the current job statuses, you can rest assure that things will not change for you; the new statuses will have to be enabled in your settings before you can use them.
Please help us by taking 5 to 10 minutes to fill out a quick questionnaire here to share with us what you understand by these job statuses and what do you think are the statuses required for your business.
More features are already making their way to you; for starters, Detrack App Version 1.2.14 (live on Google Play – and soon on App Store) has the added capabilities to SMS recipients instead of calling them and also to take up to 5 photos instead of 4.
In our next mailer, we will also be revealing more details of our Detrack app version 2 – stay tuned to find out what it can do for you.
We look forward to your input to help us build the right job statuses for you and thank you for helping us to make Detrack better!
Team Detrack
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